This is the second in a blog mini-series to highlight how specific industries can benefit from Provar’s suite of quality solutions. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs about how Provar can help other industries. 

The insurance industry is critical to the financial services sector and is crucial in protecting individuals and businesses from financial risks. With the industry evolving quickly, insurance companies must adapt to stay competitive and keep consumer trust.

Insurance companies increasingly rely on systems like Salesforce to manage operations in this rapidly changing industry. Manual testing is unreliable and prone to errors, while automated testing can present its own set of challenges. With the right approach, companies can mitigate the risks and confidently ensure the quality of their products without compromising their reputation.

With Provar’s powerful suite of quality solutions, insurance organizations can transform their testing experience and adhere to the industry’s strict security standards. Provar’s intuitive and integrated quality management and automated testing solutions are reliable and repeatable, empowering organizations to increase their efficiency and productivity, adhere to regulatory requirements, and improve customer experiences. 

Keep reading to learn more about how Provar can help organizations in the insurance industry!

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

The insurance industry moves fast, meaning insurance companies must prioritize efficiency in everything they do. Organizations need reliable, resilient, and repeatable automated testing to ensure system upgrades and updates are done efficiently and effectively. 

Provar Automation is a testing tool that finds and flags issues before they affect users, helping organizations to avoid downtime and mitigate risk. Provar’s Test Builder empowers teams to build test cases quickly and easily within their preferred browser, featuring an easy-to-use interface. Provar reduces maintenance efforts by over 80% compared to manual automation built on Salesforce. 

Provar empowers insurance companies to deliver exceptional customer service. We are experts in significantly reducing costs and eliminating downtime with utmost confidence.

Improved Customer Experience

The insurance industry heavily relies on trust as one of the key indicators of success. It is alarming that 42% of insurance customers worldwide do not have complete confidence in their insurance providers. Companies must build stronger relationships with customers to regain their trust and prevent serious implications for the industry.

Giving your customers secure, hassle-free experiences is crucial to earning trust and safeguarding your business reputation. Provar is the ultimate tool to help teams identify and resolve issues quickly, with its advanced capabilities to capture data, update information, and enhance the customer experience in real time. Our products are always updated with Salesforce, ensuring smooth operations, speedy performance, and high data security. Provar’s comprehensive automated testing solution goes beyond Salesforce to cover many external enterprise systems, platforms, applications, and plug-ins. We strive to provide extensive testing coverage at each stage of the testing cycle. We approach tasks with care and precision. Trust Provar to deliver the most efficient and effective testing solutions for your business. 

With Provar, insurance industry organizations can ensure exceptional experiences and deepen trust with their customers, brokers, and agencies. 

Compliance with Regulations

The insurance industry is heavily regulated, and compliance is critical with new laws and regulations being introduced daily. Non-compliance can result in significant fines and legal action and permanently damage an organization’s reputation. 

With Provar, teams can design their tests to check compliance with their unique regulatory requirements, including GDPR, SOC 2, and HIPPA. Our end-to-end automated tests validate workflows across applications, ensuring that testing is comprehensive. Our solutions are adaptable and extendable, and our reporting and quality management tools empower teams to monitor compliance across applications and in real time.

Provar quality management solutions helps insurance companies adhere to regulatory requirements and avoid fines and legal penalties.


Provar provides a powerful quality hub for industries and organizations that require resilient, reliable, and repeatable automated testing. Provar helps insurance organizations improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, and ensure compliance — allowing them to stay competitive and retain customer confidence. 

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