The life sciences and healthcare industry provides essential services, pharmaceutical drugs, and support to patients daily — ensuring their safety at every step. But delivering high-quality healthcare services and products requires rigorous testing, secure oversight, and strict compliance with regulations. 

In this indispensable industry, quality assurance is essential. Many companies rely on complex software systems like Salesforce to ensure that their systems, data, and services are efficient, secure, and compliant with strict industry regulations. But traditional manual testing, and even some automated testing solutions, are error-prone, inefficient, and unreliable — leading to delays in product development and patient care. 

Healthcare organizations can leverage Provar’s comprehensive suite of quality solutions to transform their testing — avoiding downtime, ensuring that critical patient data stays safe, and adhering to the industry’s strict regulatory requirements. 

Avoid Downtime

The healthcare industry is highly competitive, and getting products and services to market quickly — and safely — is essential for success. However, testing can be time-consuming, and errors often lead to delays. To ensure that software upgrades and system updates are efficient, healthcare organizations need automated testing that is reliable, resilient, and repeatable. 

Provar Automation, Provar’s intuitive testing tool, empowers organizations to run tests faster and more frequently —  finding, flagging, and fixing issues earlier in the testing cycle. Healthcare companies can build test cases efficiently and effectively within their preferred browser with Provar Automation’s easy-to-use interface. Provar solutions stay aligned with Salesforce updates, avoiding unanticipated breakage and reducing lag times. And Provar doesn’t just test Salesforce. Our end-to-end automated testing includes external applications, platforms, and plug-ins to deliver comprehensive coverage throughout every step of the testing cycle. 

With Provar, organizations in the healthcare industry can test more frequently, effectively, and efficiently to increase productivity and decrease downtime.

Data and Information Security  

In the life sciences and healthcare industry, it is essential to keep confidential information safe. Healthcare companies need reliable and resilient automated testing and comprehensive quality management to ensure data integrity. 

The market leader in Salesforce testing security, Provar helps healthcare organizations mitigate security threats and control access to confidential patient data. Healthcare companies can run automated tests securely — within their network and behind their firewall — to secure confidential information. , Provar’s encryption options allow organizations in the healthcare industry to tailor their settings to their specific security procedures and policies.

Provar’s robust and resilient quality solutions help healthcare organizations keep confidential data secure, ensuring that patient information stays safe. 

Regulatory Compliance

The life sciences and healthcare industry is, with good reason, highly regulated, with strict guidelines from organizations including the FDA, HIPAA, and other regulatory bodies. Compliance with these regulations is essential for ensuring the safety and privacy of patient information and for the safety and efficacy of medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs. The consequences of non-compliance can be severe and beyond, putting patients at risk, including hefty fines and fees, tarnished customer trust, and legal ramifications. 

Provar’s end-to-end automated testing validates workflows across applications, giving healthcare organizations total testing coverage. The intuitive testing tools and singular data hub found with Provar Manager allow Provar users to adapt their testing to create accurate, real-time reports and to ensure compliance across applications. With Provar, teams can design tests to check for compliance with the regulatory requirements to which healthcare providers and companies must adhere. 

Provar’s comprehensive suite of solutions helps companies in the healthcare industry stay compliant with regulations and avoid costly fines, fees, and legal recourse. 


Provar provides robust solutions for organizations in the life sciences and healthcare industry to avoid downtime, improve and maintain security, and comply with strict industry regulations. With Provar, companies can streamline their testing process and focus on delivering high-quality, life-saving solutions to patients.

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