This is the first blog post in a mini-series about how Provar Manager can help organizations streamline their tech stacks and organize, optimize, and analyze their Salesforce testing. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs in the series!

Let’s say it — keeping up in today’s marketplace is challenging. Organizations face rapid technological advancements. Customer expectations are shifting. The workforce is evolving. They must find solutions. These solutions streamline processes and support structures. They also empower employees.

More and more companies rely on products to manage their day-to-day operations. And rightly so! These powerful tools — mainly when used in tandem and customized to an organization’s unique needs — can transform a business. However, as an organization’s tech stack grows, testing and maintaining quality becomes more complicated, time-consuming, and costly. 

Luckily, there is a solution to support your organization’s quest for more holistic testing, more robust data, and better quality. With an integrated solution like Provar Manager, teams can comprehensively organize, analyze, and optimize their quality management activities in an intuitive, user-friendly hub. 

What is a Provar Manager? 

Good quality management goes above and beyond meeting industry benchmarks. It is about consistently delivering products and services that exceed customer expectations and maintaining an efficient, effective, and empowering place of employment. It’s a tall order. 

Provar Manager acts as a front-end repository for all your QA activities — it is your command center, connecting an organization’s entire network of testing resources inside and outside of Salesforce. Intuitive and user-friendly, Manager was designed to complement automated testing tools like Provar Automation and enables teams to automate workflows, add structure, and collect data throughout the entire quality journey. With Provar Manager, organizations can accelerate delivery, save cost and time, make better and more informed decisions, and maintain a high level of quality. 

How Does Provar Manager Help Organize Your Quality Management Efforts? 

Provar Manager empowers teams to control their testing processes across their entire Salesforce ecosystem. It sits at the center of an organization’s quality management activities, seamlessly integrating with its tech stack and giving teams a comprehensive, real-time view of their quality.

Efficient Test Case Management

Provar Manager provides a robust test case management system. Teams can collaborate on it. They can create, manage, store, and organize test cases quickly. It’s efficient. Teams can seamlessly collaborate on defining scenarios and input data, expected outcomes, and other critical organizational items in the intuitive central hub to ensure that every quality aspect is covered. 

Integration with Automation and Release Management Tools

Provar Manager is designed to integrate seamlessly with automated testing tools, including Provar Automation, allowing teams to create and execute automated test scripts efficiently. Additionally, Manager integrates with release management tools like Jira and Azure DevOps, giving your teams additional insights, accelerating delivery, and enhancing accuracy and repeatability. 

Centralized Test Execution

Provar Manager provides a powerful hub for centralized test execution. Teams can execute test cases across multiple environments and browsers from an easy-to-use, intuitive platform, unifying their organizational efforts. With Provar Manager, teams can increase efficiency, reduce redoubled efforts, and have a real-time overview of their quality activities. 

Seamless Collaboration

Clear communication and good collaboration are essential to effective quality management. With Provar Manager, teams can seamlessly collaborate and communicate. Teams create test plans, assign tasks, and identify risks. They also define criteria, assumptions, and restraints. They share insights, updates, and feedback with stakeholders and each other in real time.


At Provar, we know that organizations need solutions to help them succeed in today’s marketplace. Provar Manager, the quality hub in Provar’s suite of solutions, allows teams of all expertise levels to organize, analyze, and optimize their quality management activities — all within a customizable, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. With Provar Manager, teams can build the proper tests, build the right things … and build them right. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series, focusing on how Provar Manager can help teams analyze their quality management efforts. 

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