For many organizations, streamlining Salesforce testing and maximizing quality are of the utmost importance. But measuring quality is tricky, getting the most from often overburdened teams can be challenging, and maximizing the value of your testing tool can be complicated. 

Provar Manager, the latest in Provar’s growing suite of Salesforce testing solutions, allows teams of all expertise levels to plan, design, implement, execute, and analyze their Salesforce testing activities — all within a customizable, intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Since we launched Provar Manager in June 2022, our team has worked tirelessly to update this robust quality hub — improving compatibility and expanding functionality so that users of all expertise levels can organize, analyze, and optimize their testing efforts. 

Read on to learn more about Provar Manager’s core features, new and improved functionality, and how to stay current with the latest updates and upgrades to Provar Manager!

Provar Manager Core Features 

Provar Manager is an intuitive and user-friendly test management tool that connects all your testing resources inside and outside of Salesforce. Developed to complement automated testing tools — including Provar Automation — Provar Manager enables users to automate workflows, add structure, and collect data from manual and automated testing processes. This powerful management tool empowers organizations to make informed decisions, improve quality, accelerate delivery, save cost and time, and catch bugs before they disrupt users. 


  • Provar Manager empowers teams to take control of their testing processes with an easy-to-use framework for documenting, storing, and reporting your testing goals and outcomes. 
  • With Provar Manager, teams can create test plans, assign tasks, identify risks, define criteria, assumptions, and restraints, and document results. 
  • Provar Manager’s powerful hub integrates with applications throughout the software lifecycle to populate a real-time, holistic test and quality repository. 


  • With Provar Manager, teams can collect, report, visualize, and analyze all data related to their tests, test executions, deployments, coverage, test results, defects, and test evidence. 
  • Shared visibility among users allows transparency into test plans, results, and quality metrics. Teams can use Provar Manager’s intuitive dashboard to measure release quality across applications, make informed decisions, and improve testing. 
  • Teams can compare the quality of features over time, track defects raised per release or functional area, and measure and identify other key metrics. 


  • Teams can fine-tune their entire testing process in the Provar Manager hub dashboard for integration, execution, reporting, and analysis. 
  • Get the accurate, real-time data your team needs to mitigate release risk, manage testing resources, and increase end-to-end testing quality. 
  • Schedule, integrate, and execute tests — the right amount of tests, at the right time, in the right environments, and with the suitable test cases. 

Provar Manager Updated Functionality

Our teams of product developers and innovators are delivering updates and upgrades to Provar Manager at an impressive rate — offering helpful updates and integrations between official releases! 

The most recent version, Provar Manager 2.17.0, is now available and features: 

  • Non-AppExchange apps in the Plugin Marketplace, allowing users to update Provar Manager itself easily
  • A new Jenkins plugin in the Testing category
  • Two new Flow templates allow DevOps engineers to add automated testing to their pipeline test cases and run metadata-related test cases.
  • Specific test suites and test cases to run on a Test Plan Schedule, regardless of what’s on the test plan. This feature integrates with an existing Salesforce (Apex) feature. 

Additionally, Provar’s DevOps Center Plugin 0.2.0 is available. This update is Provar’s first Level 2 DevOps plugin. It empowers users to automatically test work items when they enter “In Review” status, run tests linked directly to them, and figure out what tests to run based on updated metadata. 

Provar product teams are committed to continuously improving and enhancing Provar Manager and empowering organizations to improve their Salesforce testing. To keep current with Provar Manager’s updates, new features, and functionality, keep an eye on the Provar blog and release notes!