At Provar, we aim to support you on your expedition to quality. We know that in today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses need efficient, integrated, and reliable solutions to ensure their software meets the highest quality standards. Our suite of low-code solutions empowers organizations to transform their testing, improve quality, and drive innovation. 

Since 2014, our flagship product, Provar Automation, has led end-to-end testing for Salesforce and has set the stage for our growth and success. But as so many things have changed since then, Automation itself has had quite the” glow-up.”

In this blog post, we’ll explore the latest-and-greatest about Provar Automation — its user roles, integrations, product support/training, and why it’s the ideal choice for elevating your software quality.

Product Overview

Provar Automation is a comprehensive testing automation platform that empowers organizations to streamline their testing processes and enhance software quality.

Other test automation solutions on the market rely on traditional test-building methods that are susceptible to frequent changes and require extensive maintenance (i.e., tests built on unstable HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and DOM-based approaches).

Provar Automation stands out by leveraging the power of Salesforce’s metadata to build more resilient tests. We employ stable locators for elements found by leveraging Salesforce’s metadata model. This helps Automation to understand the location of elements so it can automatically update its locators when Salesforce’s metadata changes.

The only quality solution designed specifically for Salesforce, Automation was developed around our four pillars: resilience, intuitiveness, security, and end-to-end. Automation offers many features and benefits designed to make testing more efficient and effective.

The Four Pillars of Provar Automation:

  • Resilient: Automation keeps your team’s test up to date with every Salesforce release and maintains compatibility with the latest web browser updates. 
  • Intuitive: Automation empowers teams to start quickly and build test cases in just a few clicks with a simple, user-friendly design. 
  • Secure: Automation mitigates risks to your organization, finding setup errors, password management holes, and insecure storage settings. 
  • End-to-end: Automation tests your entire organization’s flow from end-to-end in Salesforce and beyond. 

User Roles

Provar Automation caters to various user roles, meeting your team members where they are and ensuring everyone can contribute effectively to the testing process.

Here are some roles that will benefit the most from using Automation.

QA and Citizen Testers/Developers:

  • Whose tests break with each new Salesforce release
  • Who are tired of complicated and complex automation solutions that take more time to learn than they do to build a reliable test
  • Who are repeating the same tests, time after time and across multiple browsers and platforms, and who crave efficiency

Citizen QA Managers:

  • Who are looking for a solution that can comprehensively test their entire org without a ton of maintenance
  • Who are seeking more flexibility and speed for test execution
  • Who needs clear visibility of progress against a predetermined test plan?

DevOps Engineers and Developers:

  • Who need to ensure that their applications are secure to mitigate risk and instill confidence
  • Who want to focus more on strategy and creative development and less on maintenance and peripheral tasks
  • Those who desire a fully integrated and seamless quality pipeline and shorter feedback loops


Provar Automation offers extensive integration capabilities, and we are constantly adding to our growing list of integrations and partners. Here are some of the integrations we currently support:

  • Integration with popular testing tools: Currently, Automation integrates with Provar Grid, Provar Manager, Salesforce, Clayton, QualityClouds, PMD, AzureDevOps, and Jira. 
  • Custom integrations: Use Provar Automation’s open API to create custom integrations tailored to your organization’s needs.
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Integrate Provar Automation into your CI/CD pipelines for automated testing as part of your development process.

Product Support/Training

Provar goes above and beyond simply providing quality with its numerous solutions. We offer comprehensive support, education, and training resources to ensure success and build community. We offer:

  • Dedicated support: Provar experts will support you and your organization’s needs, from installation through onboarding and continued support. We offer solution guidance and support that educates, enables, and empowers our customers. 
  • University of Provar: The University of Provar provides new learning pathways and continued education opportunities to Provar customers, community members, and lifelong learners. This utterly free resource helps train and educate users of all skill levels. 
  • Community and documentation: Provar customers and community members can join the Provar Forum to connect with other users, share knowledge, and stay updated on best practices. Our documentation library updates information, troubleshooting, and product information. 


No matter where in the quality universe your team finds itself, Provar Automation can help drive your exploration to quality. With interactive test authoring tools, smart autocomplete, and reusable and customizable capabilities, Provar Automation empowers teams to accelerate delivery, decrease downtime, and avoid costly testing errors. 

Are you ready to transform your testing and accelerate your quality exploration? Contact us today to explore how Provar Automation can drive your journey to quality, or request a demo to see it in action.