This is the third and final installment in the mini-series showcasing some of Provar Automation’s most powerful features. This week, we focus on Provar Automation’s no-code test authoring functionality. Check out the other blogs in this series — focused on Provar Automation’s Callable Tests and Salesforce Metadata-Aware Authoring. Keep an eye on our blog for exciting new product releases, features, and other news and events!

At Provar, we build products that transform how organizations test Salesforce and other CRMs. Since 2014, we’ve empowered users to mitigate risk, manage quality, and maximize their investments with our intuitive, easy-to-use solutions. 

Provar Automation, our flagship product, boasts an array of intelligent design features. Perhaps the most potent product functionality is in Provar’s no-code and low-code test authoring. 

In the third blog of this mini-series, we’ll focus on Provar Automation’s no-code and low-code test authoring. We’ll explain what we mean by “no-code” and “low-code,” why it matters, and how our no- or low-code technology can help your team improve efficiency and enhance quality. 

What is “No-Code Test Authoring?”

Provar Automation is designed to help organizations streamline their testing. It allows teams to create, execute, and debug test cases simultaneously — with intuitive and simple design, smart autocomplete, and interactive, no-code and low-code test authoring tools.

With Provar Automation, teams can run tests in Salesforce the same way they use it — with minimal coding and a simple interface, making it a powerful tool that can be used across an organization. Provar’s intuitive, easy-to-use Test Builder empowers users to build test cases quickly, easily, and accurately — authoring and debugging as they go — without writing a single line of code. 

With Provar Automation’s no-code test authoring tools, developers and non-developers can create resilient and repeatable tests with simple point-and-click, drop-down, and autofill functionality. Our no-code test authoring allows teams of all experience levels to accelerate delivery, decrease downtime, and avoid costly testing errors. 

Organizations can streamline their workflow and workforce because users of all experience levels can utilize Provar Automation to create, execute, and debug tests in Salesforce. Organizations can trust Provar Automation’s powerful no-code test authoring to manage and maintain quality while minimizing breakage due to mission-critical CRM updates and new functionalities, empowering them to focus on innovation.


Provar Automation‘s no-code test authoring tools allow developers and non-developers to create reusable test cases, minimizing errors and maintenance and increasing efficiency. No-code test authoring is a bedrock Provar feature, and as our suite of quality solutions evolves, our product developers will continue to innovate around this critical and essential functionality. 

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