At Provar, our teams are hard at work. We continue to innovate and improve our products. We aim to provide our customers with the best quality control tools. The talented teams behind Provar Manager recently unveiled a series of significant updates to the intuitive and easy-to-use quality hub. 

Among the most exciting new features is the DevOps Center Plugin. Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, this free plugin for Provar Manager connects the Quality Hub to the DevOps Center. Giving users a bird ‘ s-eye view of the quality of their work items as they move through the pipeline. This new plugin allows teams to analyze Apex and Flow unit tests using Provar’s market-leading automation testing results. This empowers users to review regression issues and coverage gaps in release quality plans. It helps teams understand which work items align with the highest priority business risks.

Below are details about Provar’s DevOps Center Plugin and other updates to Provar products. Keep reading! 

Provar Director of SE Michael Dailey is presenting “Embed Automated QA into Salesforce DevOps Center Pipelines,” an interactive session on Wednesday, March 8, at 1:30 p.m. at Trailblazer DX 2023. This session will show users how to manage quality in their DevOps Center. For more information on this and other sessions, visit the Trailblazer DX 2023 website!

DevOps Center Plugin for Provar Manager

Provar’s new DevOps Center Plugin works with Provar Manager. Robust test management tool allowing teams to plan, implement, execute, and analyze their Salesforce testing activities. First launched on the Salesforce AppExchange in January 2023, this update is Provar’s first Level 2 DevOps plugin, integrating test cases with metadata changes to identify which test cases to run and coverage levels to monitor. 

Provar’s DevOps Center Plugin connects Provar Manager to the Salesforce DevOps Center, empowering teams to view and track quality in real-time throughout the pipeline. This identifies which tests to run based on metadata changes.

Key DevOps Center Plugin features include: 

  • Work Item Test Coverage: Users can manually select test cases to verify work item behavior.
  • Smart Testing: Teams can run necessary tests for a work item automatically and efficiently. This is critical in sprint testing, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment. It increases efficiency, reduces testing time, and accelerates delivery.
  • State of Quality: Stakeholders can quickly understand how quality is measured for each work item at each stage in the pipeline. They can compare projects and measure improvements over time.

The DevOps Center Plugin is designed for current and future Provar Manager customers, SalesforceDevOps users, and medium-sized to enterprise businesses that use Salesforce-native DevOps tooling. Provar Manager and SalesforceDevOps are required for this plugin. 

About Provar Manager

Provar Manager is an intuitive and user-friendly test management tool that connects a team’s testing resources inside and outside of Salesforce. Developed to complement automated testing tools — including Provar Automation — Provar Manager enables users to automate workflows, add structure, and collect data from manual and automated testing processes. Provar Manager empowers organizations to make informed decisions, improve quality, accelerate delivery, save cost and time, and catch bugs before they disrupt users. 

About Provar 

Provar pairs intuitive testing solutions with world-class service to help teams capitalize on their Salesforce investment. Its comprehensive suite of solutions, including Provar Automation and Provar Manager, provides a quality hub for users of all experience levels to improve release agility, drive down system defects, and advance innovation. 

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