Test automation is a critical component of everyday business operations across industries, both for those using Salesforce and other end-to-end business processes.. And while there certainly isn’t a shortage of options for organizations seeking an automated testing solution, choosing the right one can be challenging. 

Since 2014, Provar has been the leader in Salesforce test automation — and has since proved strong in end-to-end testing for all business needs. In this blog, we’ll talk through the top five reasons to choose Provar for your organization’s automated testing goals.

Reason #1: Resilient, Reusable Tests

Finding a robust and adaptable automated testing solution is imperative to keep operations running smoothly. Provar Automation empowers organizations to build more resilient, more adaptable tests. By utilizing the information found within Salesforce’s metadata, Provar Automation offers robust mechanisms to handle updates and updates, dynamic elements, and evolving requirements to build more resilient tests. With Provar Automation, organizations can avoid costly rework, preserve bandwidth, ensure application consistency, and keep customer confidence. 

Reason #2: Intuitive, User-friendly Interface

Many times, the teams tasked with Salesforce maintenance are overburdened, under-resourced, under-trained — and sometimes, all of the above. At Provar, we understand that organizations don’t have time to learn complex scripting languages and convoluted interfaces. Provar’s intuitive, user-friendly interface empowers testers of all skill levels — from expert developers to inexperienced admins — to build, manage, and maintain their testing efforts with ease. With our intuitive Test Builder and a simple drag-and-drop design, testing teams can efficiently create and maintain their test suites and save valuable resources. 

Reason #3: End-to-End Test Coverage

In complex and interconnected environments, comprehensive test coverage is critical to everyday operations. Provar offers end-to-end test coverage, ensuring your automated tests cover all elements of your applications’ functionalities. With Provar Automation’s end-to-end testing functionality, organizations can ensure seamless workflows, validate data integrity, identify integration issues, mitigate risk, reduce errors, adhere to regulatory requirements, and enhance their user experiences. Our end-to-end testing capabilities leave no stones unturned — providing comprehensive coverage and confidence in the quality and performance of your applications.

Reason #4: Seamless, Secure Integration

As your ecosystems become increasingly interconnected, seamless integration is essential for functionality, data flow, and user experiences. With its seamless and secure integration capabilities, Provar empowers teams to validate complex workflows across multiple systems, technologies, and applications. Provar integrates with existing tech stacks and popular CI/CD tools including Jenkins, Azure DevOps, JIRA, and more. By automating the testing process and integrating with tools through the development lifecycle, Provar Automation reduces maintenance, accelerates time to market, and manages quality. 

Reason #5: Expert-Level Customer Support and Training 

At Provar, we understand that successful automation goes far beyond a new product or a shiny tool — for us, success means empowering organizations to achieve their testing goals. Our customer support, education, and training teams are experts in their fields, and provide responsive support and timely assistance. From onboarding to troubleshooting, advanced training to our free educational program, University of Provar, our dedicated teams of experts are committed to helping you transform your testing efforts and maximize your investment. 


There are plenty of automated testing tools on the market today, but Provar’s powerful suite of solutions stands out among our competitors. With resilient testing, an intuitive user interface, end-to-end test coverage, seamless integration capabilities, and unmatched customer support and training, Provar provides everything you need to streamline your testing efforts and deliver exceptional quality with confidence. 

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