Here at Provar, we specialize in solving problems. We build solutions that make testing and quality management easier and more efficient for organizations. We are committed to creating innovative, intuitive, and easy-to-use products that meet our customers wherever they are in their quality journeys. 

Our commitment to keeping things simple is obvious on Provar’s website. But the real cost of Salesforce support can go through the roof if a lot of work needs to be redone or if your team is still learning how to use it. This blog will showcase Provar’s ‘Help’ page and highlight its handy features, instructive FAQs section, and convenient quick links. 

Simple, Easy-to-Use Search Function

Front and center on Provar’s ‘Help’ page, you’ll find our powerful yet user-friendly search function, designed to help you quickly find the answers you need and streamline your quest for solutions. With our powerful search function, you can effortlessly find the information you need. Our search engine lets you find past articles, interviews, and troubleshooting information with a few clicks and keystrokes. The search function prioritizes the most relevant content, ensuring you spend less time searching and more time-solving. 

Provar Assistant

Provar Assistant is a new addition to our ‘Help’ resource. It is a real-time AI chatbot that can help answer all your queries related to Provar with precision and efficiency. Provar Assistant can help you answer questions like “How do I set up a data-driven test in Provar?” with the help of creative AI. “Can you quickly explain the difference between Provar Automation, Provar Manager, and Provar Grid?” Try it out today and see what you can find!

Comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions Section

Sometimes, finding the answers in a Frequently Asked Questions section can be as daunting as testing. That’s not the case on Provar’s ‘Help’ page. Our comprehensive FAQs section covers a wide range of topics, from basic product information to organizational values, careers information, and more, including:

  • Can you tell me about Provar Automation/Provar Manager/Provar Grid? 
  • Are Provar’s solutions on-premise or cloud-based? 
  • What kind of training options does Provar offer? 
  • Where can I read success stories from Provar’s existing customers in my industry? 
  • What happens after we purchase? 
  • I’m interested in joining Provar’s team. Where can I find current job opportunities?

Hey there! If you’re new to Salesforce testing or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. Our FAQs are here to help you find answers to common questions, access key product information, and gain valuable insights to enhance your Salesforce experience. Let’s get started! 

Quick Link to Provar Documentation Library 

The Provar Documentation Library is an essential resource for Provar customers, DevOps professionals, citizen testers, and Salesforce enthusiasts — and it’s just one click away from Provar’s ‘Help’ page. With current product information, advanced troubleshooting, tutorials, Salesforce release notes, and more, the Documentation Library is an informational warehouse for users of all experience levels. The intuitive navigation and easy-to-use search functionality ensure you can find what you need fast, saving you time, effort, and trouble.  

Easy Access to Customer Support

At Provar, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer support, and our ‘Help’ page extends our commitment to our community. Rest assured that our dedicated support team is here to assist and resolve any technical challenges. We offer experienced advice anytime you need it. With quick links to our Contact page and other helpful resources, our ‘Help’ page is an easy entry point to Provar’s exceptional customer assistance.   


Provar’s interactive ‘Help’ page demonstrates our organization’s commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and usability. By providing intuitive search functionality, comprehensive FAQs, quick access to documentation, and a simple contact form, we empower our users to achieve their testing goals confidently. Our ‘Help’ page is the ultimate Provar resource for a seasoned Salesforce veteran or just getting started. You can count on us to provide all the information and guidance you need to master Provar. Check it out today! 

Want to learn more about Provar’s suite of solutions, customer service, and product resources? Contact our team today!