At Provar, we build solutions that serve one main goal — making quality management more effective for organizations that use Salesforce. Provar’s suite of solutions helps organizations transform their Salesforce testing experience, empowering teams to focus on innovation, not testing. 

In service of making things better, easier, and simpler, we’ve recently revamped a few of our favorite Provar user resources. We’re connecting with our Trailblazer communities, University of Provar is getting a new look, and most recently, we’re compiling some of our FAQs into one place in this blog post!

Here are a few of our FAQs, which we hope will provide some clarity on our many quality offerings.

Provar Products and Quality Solutions

Can you tell me about Provar’s product suite?

Provar’s quality hub of testing products designed to meet people at every stage in their journey. This comprehensive suite of testing products, including Provar Manager and Provar Automation, was created to improve release agility, drive down system defects, and advance innovation.

Can you tell me about Provar Automation?

Provar Automation is Provar’s flagship test automation solution that has led Salesforce testing innovation since 2014. It allows users to streamline their testing approach and achieve their testing goals. Built as a Salesforce-native testing solution, Provar Automation allows users to create, execute, and debug test cases simultaneously, inside and outside of Salesforce. It also features interactive test authoring, smart autocomplete to add dynamic test data, reusable and customizable capabilities, and more. Provar Automation couples tried-and-true capabilities with new product support announcements on a regular cadence.

Can you tell me about Provar Manager?

Provar Manager is the quality hub for the entire Salesforce QA landscape. It provides a framework for organizing, documenting, storing, and reporting everything about your tests, delivering a shared view of quality across your organization. Provar Manager is the command and control center for all QA activities. It is a central hub for testing integration, execution, reporting, and analysis so you can fine-tune your entire testing process.

Are you recommended by Salesforce?

We are an official Salesforce partner and we pride ourselves on our deep knowledge and support of the Salesforce platform, whether it’s support for the latest features and releases, R&D into where Salesforce is headed next, or participation in pilot programs. See our About page to learn more about our relationship with Salesforce.

Can you use Provar’s solutions to test processes outside of Salesforce, such as integrations with other systems?

Yes. Provar Automation can be connected to other systems and support any web testing. We also support email testing (Gmail, MS Exchange), database testing (Oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL), messaging (Websphere MQ), and web services (REST, SOAP).

Working with Provar

We want to be sure Provar is right for us. Do you provide a Proof of Concept?

Even better! Provar focuses on what we call Proof of Value, which demonstrates test automation concepts and best practices, along with providing clear ROI for Provar test automation in your business. We start with a kickoff call to discuss your testing requirements followed by a working example of Provar test cases, integrations, and reporting customized for your organization, all at no cost to you. To schedule a call, reach out to us today.

What kind of training options does Provar offer?

We offer multiple tiers of training ranging from full onsite training to a remote Quickstart option. Our training services are an excellent way to gain guided, in-depth knowledge about Provar’s solutions and how to best incorporate them into your test environment. We also offer consulting as a separate service to help build your tests in Provar Automation. Additionally, University of Provar offers free courses designed to lower the entry barrier to testing by helping you advance your career where the need arises, within Salesforce and beyond.

I’m interested in joining Provar’s team. Where can I find current job opportunities?

We’re looking for innovators like you who have a passion for software quality and all things testing. Working at Provar means confronting challenges with innovation, dedication, and passion. We are a community of people who are entrepreneurial in nature, believe in a healthy work life balance, and champion flexible work arrangements so we can bring our best selves to work. We are proud of the culture we have built and are always looking for ways to expand and improve. You can view our current job opportunities here.

Want to learn more about Provar’s powerful suite of Salesforce testing solutions? Connect with us today!