This is the third article in a four-part series, “Why Selenium Users Pick Provar for Salesforce Test Automation.” Don’t just take our word for it. Read along as we look at (1) the behind-the-scenes reality of using Salesforce and why testing is needed in the first place, (2) a comparison of the types of testing available, (3) why Salesforce and Provar are BFFs, and (4) what makes Provar so unique. Read Part 2: A Sea of Testing Options on our blog.

Provar was not started as an open source project, general web testing tool, or SAP testing tool looking for other markets, but was designed and built specifically for Salesforce. Provar comprises engineers, support staff, consultants, strategic service providers, trainers, a user community, and a leadership team that are all Salesforce and Salesforce test automation experts. This culture and focus pay big dividends when you’re ready to get strategic about consistently delivering quality Salesforce releases.

Salesforce is in our DNA.

Playing Well With Others

The Salesforce ecosystem is vast — besides the connected applications, it also includes the DevOps ecosystem underlying Salesforce development. Provar integrates with all the key CI/CD, reporting, bug tracking, and VCS tools. We’ve even delivered ProvarDX, providing the first test automation integration specifically for Salesforce DX. 

Why Strong Salesforce Partnership Matters: How to Stop Worrying About the Updates

Provar’s partnership with Salesforce provides early access to all Salesforce updates. Because of our partnership, Provar has identified the critical issues in the update and ensured that your tests will work.

Final Thoughts

Here are some simple guiding principles on Salesforce test automation (these generally apply to other enterprise applications, as well): 

  • Find a solution that lets you focus more on the application and the business process and less on the test.
  • Invest in a solution built explicitly for Salesforce to ensure the quality of your applications; it’s worth it.
  • It’s not just about the tool; it’s also about the culture, the community, and the relationship.

Here’s a fun experiment: find a video on Youtube with any other test automation tool doing something simple in Salesforce, such as a user login or creating an opportunity. Then watch the same thing in Provar. We make it easy. And it doesn’t break. And we handle updates. And you get to work with a company full of hardcore Salesforce test automation zealots.

That’s why many of our happiest customers have Provar for Salesforce and something else for their other applications.

→ Stay tuned for our fourth and final blog in the series, “Provar’s Secret Sauce.”

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