Are you interested in learning more about adding Provar to your testing processes but aren’t sure exactly how much value you’ll gain? We’ve got you covered with our new ROI calculator.

If you read about our new ProvarLabs initiative and recent ProvarLabs Hackathon, you know that we’re leaning into one of our key values, Innovation. One way we’re evangelizing innovation is by creating innovative technologies for our customers like this calculator. Here’s how it works.

Pull up Provar’s ROI calculator on your browser or mobile device and move through the four questions, dragging the bar based on your company’s unique needs. The information you enter will automatically calculate the right-hand column, which includes an overview of your return on investment. The ROI calculator will give a probabilistic savings value for your manual testing effort and automation maintenance using Provar in the following areas:

  • Total projected savings in the first year
  • Savings in manual testing
  • Savings in dollar value for manual testing
  • Savings in maintenance effort in person hours
  • Savings in dollar value for maintenance effort

It’s that simple! We hope this ROI calculator will give you a baseline to work from in understanding how Provar’s suite of testing products can help streamline your workflow.

Have specific questions, unsure which products are a fit for your team, or want to see a demo of how they will work for your needs? Connect with us today!