You may think of Nashville as Music City, but the community, once solely known for honky-tonks and guitar pickers, now represents so much more than that. Today, Nashville is a hub, home, and incubator for creators, innovators, and dream makers. It’s where people with big ideas come to make them happen. So come and check out the Provar WITness Success Conference.

That is precisely why WITness Success, an organization that supports Women in Tech (WIT) for the Salesforce ecosystem, chose Nashville to host one of their community-led career development events that launch today.

Women in Tech (WIT) represents a worldwide Salesforce ecosystem and a professional development organization designed to foster opportunities for women. By helping women collectively inspire their peers, the technology community, and other thought leaders, WIT is positioned to help us all work together to help today’s innovators and tomorrow’s leaders.

On Friday, July 26, and Saturday, July 27, WIT will host an event in downtown Nashville. We are one of the many proud sponsors of this two-day conference designed to help empower, support and invest in women’s lives in technology.

With more than 200+ attendees expected to attend, we are excited to support this network of inspired role models, mentors, and leaders.

This Event Includes Workshops Designed To Help Professionals:

  • Share actionable information designed to improve public speaking skills
  • Construct persuasive arguments for real-life scenarios, including merit increases and new project assignments
  • Evaluate traditional career rules and carve your path to do what you love
  • How to get noticed in today’s highly competitive job market
  • Create a culture of equality to help companies succeed

Provar WITness Success Conference ’19 will be hosted at the Sheraton Grand Nashville Downtown at 623 Union Street, Nashville, TN 37219, on Friday, July 26, and Saturday, July 27. You can learn more about this event online and purchase conference tickets.

As for Provar, you’ll find us at the Careers Fair during the conference. So, if you want to enhance your testing knowledge, come by and grab your free test strategy cheat sheet. And, if you want a quick demo of our test automation tool, stop by on Saturday to see us at Demo Jam.

We look forward to seeing you there!