There’s a common saying in technology: Quality is everyone’s responsibility. This alludes to the power of teamwork – no one person can deliver a quality product alone. Different perspectives and strengths are essential for building something that will last. That goes well beyond technology, too.

At Provar, we shifted our narrative to match our core values. We are proud to say that eQuality is everyone’s responsibility – so proud that it’s on our swag! We value culture, community, innovation, and the individuals that power our company. Provar is proud to foster a strong focus on equality – listening to and integrating perspectives from different backgrounds to create technology that works for everyone. We even have a community forum for our customers, your go-to place to connect with other Provar customers, up-level your automation skills with new custom APIs, and get select access to our Provar Product Group. Our values are the backbone of our success.

In honor of Pride, we asked our global team what “equality is everyone’s responsibility” means to them. Check out some of the submissions we received below!

“eQuality is everyone’s responsibility” to me means two things: 1) Promoting equity across all Provar teammates from diverse lived backgrounds, and 2) Delivering innovative, low-code solutions that empower all SDLC members to equitably drive software quality in their organizations. Happy Pride! – Tristan Lombard, Director of Community, USA

“eQuality is everyone’s responsibility” means we hold ourselves accountable to building a culture of equity, value, and respect. We extend that accountability to our work by always striving to deliver excellence. – Jenn Torres, Education Manager, USA

It means we are all responsible for making decisions that improve our work, teams, community, and the greater good. And that it’s essential to take ownership and responsibility for how we interact with people of all backgrounds, orientations, experience levels, etc … because there’s something to be learned from everyone. – Emily Cropsey, Events and Sponsorships Manager, USA

eQuality is everyone’s responsibility means that we all have to do the work of closely examining our biases. It also means that each one of us is responsible for fighting for equity in our own spheres. We are all connected and that makes us each responsible for making space for “the other.” – Micah Rose Emerson, Community and Content Coordinator, USA

“eQuality is everyone’s responsibility” in my view means that we ALL need to value, respect, and love everyone irrespective of anything. This should be a key attribute as part of our lives and not only makes us a better human being, but also in turn strengthen the power of a TEAM by enhancing team spirit, and we as a team produce a much better output and a more enriched product PROVAR. – Kamal Ranjan, Salesforce SME/Engineering Manager, India

To me, it means making sure all voices are heard and valued. Enabling everyone to participate in the ongoing testing efforts in one way or another. – Samuel Arroyo, Salesforce Product Manager, UK

All of the above plus calling out when people slip, are ignorant, or misunderstand equality, without harassment or bullying. Support and educate, don’t be silent when you observe inequality, but don’t be aggressive either. – Richard Clark, Chief Product Officer, UK

People want to buy a great product from a good company. I always feel better purchasing from a company that values equality and diversity. – Paula Americo, Educational Content Creator, USA

Mutual trust and respect are required in any relationship of consequence, whether in your personal or professional life. Equality makes mutual trust and respect possible, and we all have the chance to make the world around us more fair and equitable for everyone. We must treat others with the respect and kindness we hope they’ll give to us. We should try our best to create a culture that encourages everyone to understand and value each other. We should look for opportunities to make someone else feel included and appreciated and not assume anything about them except that they need and want the same things we all do.

  • Understand instead of Assume
  • Include instead of Exclude
  • Encourage instead of Discourage
  • Enable instead of Hinder
  • Embrace instead of Reject
  • Empathize instead of Judge
  • Respect instead of Disdain
  • Give instead of Withhold
  • Befriend instead of Ignore
  • Protect instead of Attack

– Andrew Smith, Multimedia Producer, USA

Our values drive our technology, culture, and future at Provar. If you share our values and are interested in joining our team, see our job openings today!