This is the second installment in a blog mini-series to highlight how specific industries can benefit from Provar Automation. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs about how Provar Automation can help the insurance, healthcare, and other industries!

The financial industry operates within a complex, complicated ecosystem where the safeguarding of sensitive data is essential amidst pervasive and persistent digital threats. With stringent regulations, huge potential fines, and ever-evolving attacks on sensitive customer information, it is more difficult — and more important — than ever before for financial institutions to keep their data secure.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the many challenges that financial institutions face in keeping confidential data safe. And we’ll highlight how a solid test automation strategy — paired with a powerful test automation tool like Provar Automation — can help financial institutions shield themselves from cyber attacks and adhere to strict rules and regulations. 

Challenges to Data Security in the Financial Industry

Organizations in the financial industry face incredibly complex challenges in keeping confidential financial information safe, and are among the most targeted industries for cyber threats.

Common challenges to data security in the financial industry include:

  • Protecting huge amounts of confidential information, including personal customer data, financial transactions, proprietary business data, credit card information and bank account numbers, and more
  • Complying with strict regulatory requirements, including GDPR, HIPAA, and other industry-specific standards, with non-compliance resulting in harsh penalties, steep fines, security breaches, and loss of public trust
  • Operating within intricate and diverse IT infrastructures that are often integrated with Salesforce, third-party applications, legacy systems, and other platforms; greater system complexity necessitates ironclad security,  including vigilant monitoring and comprehensive testing
  • Overcoming increasingly complex threats and sophisticated attacks while simultaneously staying ahead of new mandates and regulations

To overcome these challenges, financial institutions must implement a multifaceted approach to their data security — one that prioritizes ironclad security while promising operational efficiency. With an automated testing solution like Provar Automation, organizations in the financial services industry can rigorously test their systems, validate their security measures, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements — all while keeping their data security ironclad. 

Provar Automation and Data Security in the Financial Industry 

Provar Automation is a comprehensive automated testing solution that offers specialized benefits for financial institutions. Built from the ground up on Salesforce, Provar Automation can help organizations in the financial industry keep customer information safe and adhere to all rules and regulations.

With robust encryption, ISO 27001 certification, and secure testing behind firewalls, Provar Automation fortifies financial institutions against cybersecurity attacks and data breaches. 

Provar Automation’s end-to-end testing capabilities simplify regulatory compliance, empowering financial institutions to adhere to regulations and helping them avoid legal penalties and costly fines. Its adaptive capabilities allow organizations to create tests that align with regulations including GDPR and HIPAA to ensure their security measures adapt to mandates and mitigate risk. 

For financial institutions, customer confidence is priceless. With its comprehensive, end-to-end testing, Provar Automation helps organizations to swiftly identify and fix issues, breaks, and bugs within the Salesforce ecosystem, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy customer experience every time.


Provar Automation is more than just a great testing solution. It is a transformative tool for financial institutions — bolstering security measures, enhancing customer experiences, and ensuring compliance in an ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and regulatory mandates.

To learn more about how Provar Automation can help financial organizations and other industries, download our newest eBook, Test Automation: Your Key to Ironclad Salesforce Data Security!