The artificial intelligence conversation has yet to slow, and companies in every industry are announcing innovations in machine learning and intelligent capabilities. In the Salesforce space, team Provar is particularly interested in advancements in the automated testing space. AI and other intelligent features will propel DevOps success as teams look for new ways to ensure quality within their orgs.

Over the past few weeks, our experts have weighed in on many of these conversations, and we’ve also introduced some exciting, intelligent capabilities for our solutions.

In case you missed it, here is a roundup recapping our recent AI content.

University of Provar Weighs in on AI with a New Introduction to AI in Software Quality Course

The University of Provar is here to help you learn about AI and its impact on software quality and testing. UP currently offers the first course in a three-part series, Introduction to AI in Software Quality. UP will release two additional courses in the upcoming months, AI for Software Quality Assurance and AI for Test Automation. This series of courses will provide a comprehensive overview of AI’s role in software quality and testing. Learn more here!

An AI Q&A with Provar’s Richard Clark

Provar’s Chief Strategy Officer, Richard Clark, has been excellent in sharing his thoughts on AI in the test automation and software quality spaces. In this blog post, we dive deeper into AI in this Q&A with Richard.

Re-Evaluating AI’s Role in Test Automation

Provar’s Chief Product Officer, Richard Clark, contributed to this blog post. This thought leadership piece was very well-received, and if you missed it, we hope you will enjoy Richard’s thoughts on AI today and how he is re-evaluating his past perspective as new advancements and innovations continue to shape test automation in this new age.

An A-Z of AI Terms in 2023

Provar’s Chief Product Officer, Richard Clark, contributed to this blog post. It covers an A-Z list of some of the most popular terms that have entered common usage simply to help everyone understand, to a typical level, what they mean and why they’re essential for Generative AI solutions, like ChatGPT and the more comprehensive AI revolution currently underway.

AI in QA: How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used in Testing

QA teams can leverage AI in software and Salesforce testing to increase efficiency, enhance accuracy, and accelerate innovation. But with technology moving so quickly, it can be difficult to discern what AI to use and how to use it. In this blog, we covered what AI is (and what it isn’t), how it can be used in Salesforce testing, and how Provar uses AI and intelligent capabilities across its solutions.

Webinar Recap: ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot for Salesforce Developers

On May 10th, Provar’s team of experts (Richard Clark, Chief Product Officer, and Samuel Arroyo, Senior Product Manager) hosted an interactive webinar on ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot alongside Vernon Keenan, Senior Industry Analyst at In the webinar, we shared our top tips to help attendees maximize their success with these platforms and demonstrated some of the incredible features available to help them succeed.

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