This post was contributed by Caroline Smith, Course Designer at the University of Provar. For more thoughts from our Salesforce and testing experts, follow the Provar blog!

Software quality is an evolving field. From manual testing to the latest additions in AI, the approach to and tools for testing continue to change. To thrive in this ever-changing landscape, we must also grow and adapt. Fortunately, abundant resources are available to help us stay current with industry shifts. 

Certify Your Learning

Continuous learning is critical to staying up-to-date. When planning your professional development, consider options that culminate in a certification. These structured learning paths cater to all skill levels, from beginners to experts. Not only do certifications level up your knowledge and skill set, but they also enhance your employability, leading to more significant earning potential. Regardless of your initial education in software quality, staying competitive means keeping pace with current trends. 

When exploring certification options, there are several factors to keep in mind. Focus on your career goals and align your learning with them. For instance, this might mean exploring a new industry focus to broaden your marketability. Consider the various certification levels and prerequisites to ensure the content is challenging and new yet attainable. Finally, there are logistical aspects, such as cost, time commitment, and recertification requirements. 

Our University of Provar (UP) offers several free certifications, including our most recent Provar PEAK certification. This four-part series is an excellent entry point for beginners to learn more about Provar, software testing, and AI. With all UP certifications, you will receive a downloadable and shareable certificate upon completion.

Join a Forum

Adding certifications to your LinkedIn profile can be one way of connecting with your network, but if you’re looking for a more collaborative and timely approach, join a forum that meets your needs. They have numerous advantages, and their collaborative nature can complement your independent learning. 

Similar to certifications, forums offer opportunities for personal growth and networking. In these communities, you can connect with peers who share your interests. With information flowing both ways, these spaces are opportunities to share your opinions, suggestions, and concerns. Through these open exchanges, you will likely uncover fresh perspectives with new use cases and tips you might not have otherwise encountered. On top of that, you’re given direct access to the experts, which means timely support. You’ll also often find that forums offer access to exclusive announcements and product sneak peeks. 

Try one out, and you’ll likely benefit in multiple ways. For example, our Provar Forum offers customers the chance to receive the latest updates, interact with our technical experts, and share their feedback about how they’d like to see us grow. 

Follow Quality Experts

There are less formal structures, too, such as the many blogs and websites dedicated to all things quality. Identify a few reputable sources and subscribe to them to receive regular updates directly to your inbox. 

A similar option is to follow industry thought leaders on social media. Not only can you keep up with their ideas on the latest trends, but you can also interact with them through the comments. Oftentimes, they’ll post about upcoming events, such as webinars or conferences, where you can tune in to hear talks from them and other quality experts. 


The software quality world is evolving, and adaptability is critical to succeeding. Your journey is personal but begins with identifying your goals and the resources to help you reach them. Learning is a continuous process, so take a moment to celebrate your achievements and set your sights on the next milestone. 

To learn more about the University of Provar’s many (free!) continuous learning opportunities, designed for testers and Salesforce enthusiasts alike, visit our UP overview page or head directly to the UP learning platform!