Company Overview

The company is a global healthcare company with over 80,000 employees. They are a Salesforce customer and primarily use Healthcare Automation Service Cloud.

They use a combination of standard and custom Salesforce elements, including page layouts, Visualforce pages, and the Salesforce Service Cloud Console. They came to Provar to improve their healthcare Service Cloud testing process automation.

The Challenge

The company found that manual Service Cloud testing after each new Salesforce release was tedious, consuming high cost and effort.

With 135 test cases, running the entire Service Cloud testing regression pack was approximately 108 hours: almost three weeks for a single tester.

It was also a challenge to catch regression defects effectively under changing requirements. We find many defects that require a quick fix for each patch release during regression.

The demands of finding and fixing defects were drawing focus away from enhancements.

Overall, the company wanted to significantly reduce the cost and effort of their Service Cloud testing. They also wanted to improve the reliability of defect-catching through regression testing.

The Solution

The company chose Provar to improve ROI and efficiency for their Healthcare Automation Service Cloud testing.

Provar is an end-to-end test automation tool designed for Salesforce. Because integrating Provar with Salesforce is tight, it provides a more efficient way to implement automation, intelligently locating Salesforce fields, objects, and other critical metadata.

Minor changes to an environment become easier to accommodate, removing the pain of maintenance and the difficulty of scaling.

Another strength of Provar is its ability to integrate easily with continuous integration systems such as Bamboo. It allowed the company to implement a proper end-to-end Service Cloud testing solution bringing increased code coverage, automated deployments, autonomous build triggering, and generation of a consolidated status report of test execution.

Aside from integrations, they also adopt company more specific benefits of Provar. It ranged from the easy creation of test cases through rapid automated test data design, test case execution, and verification of test results through Provar’s inbuilt reporting capabilities. It results in easy maintenance for subsequent test case amendments.

Provar also gave the company total control over which test combinations should be triggered, be it one specific test, a group of tests, or the entire test suite.

The Results

  • 6 HOURS
  • 94 FASTER
  • 2.6 FTE SAVED

After implementing a healthcare automation Service Cloud testing solution with Provar, the company significantly decreased its Service Cloud testing time and effort.

Using Provar, the company has seen a decrease in regression testing time from 108 hours to just 6 – an overall reduction of 94%. It allows them to verify system functionality after each Salesforce patch and significant release in a shorter period.

With Provar, the company can also identify all regression issues for a new release candidate on the first day of testing. It provides early visibility into essential defects. It also gives the development team time to resolve the critical issues at the beginning of the iteration.

With many other test tools, the first days of testing are spent reworking the test scripts to fix the broken locators. Provar automatically suggests robust field locators resistant to breakage, dramatically reducing the need for rework.

This time saved also frees up developers to focus on company change requests, allowing continuous improvement of the Salesforce platform, higher confidence in and quality of software provided to end users, and a significantly better return on investment overall.


During our communication, we received overwhelming support from Provar and provided support as fast as possible. The solutions were always optimal and covered the problem entirely.

Another great thing about Provar is that their team can deliver enhancements quickly to meet the various features of different projects. Provar provides us with perfect solutions that entirely cover the points we need.

Finally, considering the technical profit we gained from Provar, I would say that the tool helps us avoid non-interesting and monotonous regression test work. It also saves us time spent on regression testing and the resources needed.

Technical Solution

Environment Management

Provar stores environment-specific details centrally as Environment Variables and accesses them automatically when the tester chooses their environment. It means executing test cases across multiple environments in just a few clicks.

Cross-browser Testing

Provar supports cross-browser testing easily. Select the browser and screen resolution for the test, and Provar will adapt the test to suit. It means running the same test cases in different browsers without any amendments needed to the test case.


Traditional test automation requires programming skills, and technical information such as field locators has to be hardcoded.

With Provar, tests are built in an intuitive, point-and-click interface and field locators, which are automatic with Provar. Provar’s tight metadata integration supports even complex Salesforce functionality, such as Visualforce pages and Service Cloud console.

Minor changes to these elements no longer cause unexpected breakages. It makes test cases more maintainable and less time-consuming.

Integration testing

Within the test scenarios, we ensure that all parameterizations we test are within each PDF document that Salesforce essentially generated. These were sent as attachments in emails and also embedded in certain Visualforce pages. Provar tested these with the Gmail connector and used regular expression APIs to check the values, making this process faster and simpler.

Coverage and Reusability

The company was also pleased to note an increase in test case reusability and increased test coverage for both positive and negative scenarios.