Mysolution is a staffing software solution that boasts extensive experience and a commitment to dynamic collaboration. The team pushes boundaries daily, striving to enhance their clients’ businesses by providing innovative, tailored solutions. Their ethos is one of partnership, where collective expertise combines to create smarter tools that optimize operations, freeing up invaluable time and making work more enjoyable. With a focus on clear reporting and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations, Mysolution empowers clients to prioritize their candidates with renewed passion. They are adept at leveraging proven solutions while relentlessly seeking avenues for improvement, integrating innovative technologies to streamline business processes. Alongside their software, Mysolution delivers exceptional support, and their dedication to service and innovation defines them as a go-to one-stop solution for businesses seeking efficiency, compliance, and elevated support in the staffing sphere.

About the Company

Mysolution, a staffing software solution, aims to help their users navigate the struggles of HR and staffing, alleviating negative experiences and empowering them to fill roles with ease. But when it came to testing their own Salesforce environment, their situation was anything but – and the team knew they had to search for an automated testing solution to keep their software running strong.

For background context, Mysolution offers a cloud-based application for front, middle, and back offices to support their full processes of recruiting, temping, and staffing. Mysolution’s front and mid-office software runs on the Salesforce platform. The application is called Mysolution Recruitment (MSR). It is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) designed to make the recruiter’s daily work easier and more efficient. Mysolution also utilizes data-driven recruitment capabilities so that every step of the recruitment process can be tracked and measured.

This data-intensive process has no room for error, and by testing their Salesforce environment end-to-end, Mysolution aims to minimize risk and catch any platform errors before they reach the end user. However, before adopting a test automation solution, the Mysolution team primarily conducted testing manually, which posed a significant challenge in the form of a large and time-consuming regression test spanning approximately 90 pages. The repetitive nature of tasks within this test suite posed an operational hurdle, impacting efficiency and consuming substantial resources. The manual testing process, although meticulous, became increasingly laborious due to the extensive test coverage and the repetitive nature of the tasks involved. That’s when the quest to find the right test automation solution began to ease these inefficiencies.

The Challenges of Manual Testing and Searching for a Solution

Mysolution needed a solution that would help their three scrum teams, each including scrum masters and product owners, with their QA responsibilities. Their existing Salesforce setup included various applications and platforms that catered to multifaceted functionalities and user requirements. These integrations included Microsoft Dynamics Business Central for the Mysolution Flex back-office application, a customer-specific non-Salesforce portal, and the standard Salesforce Experience Cloud Portal. Additionally, they used tools such as Sharepoint Online for document sharing, Outlook Online for calendar integration, CM Sign for online contract signing and text message sending through Salesforce, Textkernel for document parsing, Flowmailer for email automation, Geocode/HERE for location and distance calculations, IGB and Broadbean for job publishing on external sites, OpenAI for job-candidate matching, and Datachecker for document verification like passports and work permits. The solution would have to work with all of these integrations and tools, as well.

The Mysolution team found Provar through an online search via Google. Recognizing the limitations and constraints posed by manual testing, they reached out and engaged in a trial version of Provar Automation for a month, initially allocating it to a single user for evaluation purposes.

During this time, the team compared Provar against several other tools, including Selenium, Functionize, Katalon, and AccelQ. Among the key features that set Provar apart and influenced their decision-making process was its intuitive test building capabilities using a point-and-click interface specifically tailored for Salesforce, which aligned well with their Salesforce-centric environment and workflows. This user-friendly approach to test creation proved instrumental in their choice to adopt Provar Automation, and from there, the automation process began.

The Road to Automation and Efficiencies Gained

Since integrating Provar Automation into their testing strategy, Mysolution has experienced notable successes and improvements across their pipeline, making for a more efficient, consistent experience within their Salesforce-centric environment

Before Provar Automation, Mysolution struggled with 90 pages of manual, time-consuming regression tests. Now,  approximately 50% of their regression test suite is handled by Provar Automation, encompassing 70-80 test cases. This integration has ensured a more consistent and reliable testing process, allowing for easy comparisons between current and past test runs. Although a portion of the tests, around 50-60%, are still conducted manually, the automated tests through Provar have streamlined and optimized their testing procedures considerably, and the team hopes to automate even more tests in the near future.

While most of the test cases run in a singular environment, Mysolution has strategically allocated a Large Data environment exclusively accessible to Provar, demonstrating their intent to optimize test coverage within a controlled setting. This approach ensures reliability and consistency in testing outcomes.

“The view in Provar Desktop is customizable and, in my opinion, it is very clear. There is a lot of information, but the view is still clean and understandable. It is based on the metadata of your org, and you can see all variables of your org within Provar Desktop, which is super handy for queries and checking the API names of the variables.”

– Demi Lissenberg, Software Tester, Mysolution

Their refinement of bulk test running through ANT in Visual Studio has shown promising results, and they are now aiming for a passing rate of 90% across two sets of 35 tests each. The company anticipates significant time savings once these optimizations are fully realized.

Provar Automation‘s compatibility with Salesforce, its intuitive click-based test creation, and integration with Gmail for email validation have been standout features. The solution’s user-friendly interface and flexibility in test creation, debug mode capabilities, and metadata-driven test building features have notably contributed to their experience. One of the Provar Automation features the Mysolution team has taken most advantage of is its true end-to-end testing capabilities. They are able to build email, community, web, and Salesforce applications all in one test easily and can rest assured knowing they are covered at every stage.

“Particular benefits I’ve seen include Provar Automation’s compatibility with Salesforce and their updates, clicking instead of coding to create a testcase, and its integration with Gmail so you can validate the send emails.”

– Demi Lissenberg, Software Tester, Mysolution

The Path Ahead

In the future, Mysolution plans to extend the scope of automated testing with Provar Automation. The team is actively pursuing a larger automation footprint and hopes to move beyond their current success rate of 50% of their regression tests being handled by Provar Automation. Their overall objective is to automate even more of their overall testing strategy so they can save time and ensure consistency in test outcomes.

“Since Jatin started helping with the bulk running under ANT, I have seen great progress in the running of the test cases. We are now aiming to create two builds of 35 tests each and to have a passing rate of 90%. The aim is to finish this in a couple of days and then dot the Is and cross the Ts in order to get a 100% over the 70-80 test cases. From then on, we will save a lot of time. “

– Demi Lissenberg, Software Tester, Mysolution

The Mysolution team is committed to continuous enhancement, actively engaging with Provar’s full-service support team and their dedicated customer service test architect from Provar, Jatin Sukhija, to address any concerns. With this collaborative partnership, Mysolution and Provar will be well-prepared to overcome hurdles if they arise and will lay a strong foundation to ensure roadblocks are minimal, if at all.

“Since Jatin has been assigned to our company, he has been a great help. He provides a lot of tips and customized improvements. Jatin is very smart, and he helps a lot. It is greatly appreciated.”

– Demi Lissenberg, Software Tester, Mysolution

Key Statistics

  • Transitioned from manual testing and 90 pages of regression tests to having approximately 80 automated test cases in a build cycle in Visual Studio without any incorrect failures
  • 50% of regression tests now handled by Provar Automation
  • Taking advantage of Provar Automation’s end-to-end testing capabilities by building email, community, web, and Salesforce applications all in one test easily

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