Customer + Provar Snapshot

Customer: The company is a global leader in the sales, marketing, and distribution of specialty chemicals and food ingredients

Industry: Chemicals

Company size: 3,000 employees in over 50 countries across six continents

Number of Salesforce users: 2,400

QA team size: Three full-time team members

Scope of systems tested with Provar: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Visualforce, Einstein, Pardot, and a B2B community portal

Provar tests: 168 

Continuous integration: Every night, a Jenkins job pulls the latest branch from GIT and runs the complete set of test cases

Introduction: About The Customer

The customer is a market leader in selling, marketing and distributing specialty chemicals and food ingredients. Its results-driven team provides market-focused solutions to suppliers and customers across EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas, offering a range of comprehensive product portfolios and innovative formulations that embrace industry trends.

With nearly 3,000 employees in over 50 countries on six continents, the customer’s dedicated technical and commercial experts work closely to tailor best-in-class solutions and provide value through expertise for 49,000+ customers and a diverse range of world-class suppliers.

About Nekst IT: Their Consulting Partner

Nekst IT is a leading provider of Salesforce test consulting services in Europe. They uniquely offer a deep understanding of Salesforce, which is why so many companies turn to Nekst IT for help optimizing and managing their Salesforce implementation throughout the entire process. Nekst IT is a Salesforce partner and has been a Provar consulting partner since 2017. Nekst IT provides Salesforce and Provar Automation to its customers.

The Technology: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Visualforce, Einstein, Pardot, and a B2B community portal

The company utilizes various enterprise applications, including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and Pardot, to facilitate customer relationship management, sales, and marketing activities. The company also leverages Visualforce and Einstein to extend the Salesforce platform and provide a customized user experience for its Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce CPQ implementations. In addition, the company also has a customized Salesforce B2B Community to share information about Salesforce and Provar Automation with their network of suppliers worldwide.

The Challenge: Manual Testing Slowed Their Ability to Innovate and Implement End-to-End Testing

As a global leader growing at an accelerated pace, the customer faced unique challenges due to their success: how to efficiently and effectively connect and communicate with 3,000 employees, 49,000 customers, and thousands of vendor partners worldwide.

Leveraging Salesforce and various other applications, they had built a solid framework to do just that. However, they needed to continually customize those applications with new features and functionality to support their growth and strategy of continuous innovation.

As internal release schedules continued to accelerate and feature scope increased, they realized that manual testing could no longer support their aggressive goals for innovation. They needed a scalable solution for testing. 

The company also faced another sizable challenge. Using so many business-critical applications, they also needed a way to test how those applications integrate and implement a true end-to-end testing methodology. 

The solution: Provar Test Automation

To help address their testing needs across their Salesforce project, the customer engaged Nekst IT, a Provar consulting partner. Based in the Netherlands, Nekst IT is a testing business partner that offers a wide range of consulting and training services designed to help teams seamlessly implement and support Salesforce and Provar Automation implementations. 

Nekst IT worked with the customer for a year, assisting with their testing across the entire Salesforce project, and they designed the regression test suite with automation in mind. When the project opportunity arose to move ahead with automation, the Nekst IT team recommended Provar to help meet the customer’s business and testing needs.

Working with Nekst IT and Provar, the customer could get up and running within just a few months. 

The Results: Using Provar Test Automation for End-to-End Testing

Previously, testing 168+ cases manually would take one dedicated testing resource up to four days to complete. Using Provar today, the customer can execute the same volume of test cases at a substantially accelerated pace, running 168 test cases daily (instead of once every four days) in under eight hours. As a result, the team can detect potential issues 5x faster

Using Provar, the customer has also increased the scope of testing substantially and has since built a vast library of end-to-end tests that include APIs, error messages, and validations for their technology platforms, including Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce CPQ. 

Ultimately the company has reduced its testing effort by 75% with the help of best-in-class automation solutions and strategies.

As a result of implementing Provar, the customer is well-positioned for growth today and well into the future. As more customers, suppliers, and employees join their already sizable network, they can scale quickly, connecting thousands of partners worldwide.

The Company’s Testing Transformation

  • A savings of 84 hours per test run (assuming 30 mins saved per test * 184 test cases)
  • The ability to detect issues 5x faster – now testing daily 
  • A reduction in testing effort by 75%

Our experience using Provar: Alex ten Wolde, Test Consultant at Nekst IT

“Provar is one of the easiest tools to automate Salesforce testing. It’s easy to learn and start creating test cases, plus the integration with Salesforce makes it a really effective solution.”

Alex ten Wolde, Test Consultant at Nekst IT
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