Introduction to Salesforce and Vlocity Automation Testing for Telecoms

The company is a leading telecommunications company headquartered in the Nordic region. They are Serving customers across Europe. The company is a critical hub using Salesforce and Vlocity in the digital ecosystem for over 20 million subscribers. 

The Challenge: Fast and Scalable Regression Testing

As a leading telecommunications provider serving customers across Europe, the company needed to ensure the smooth running of its existing applications. Taking a manual approach to regression testing was too time-consuming while using traditional automation solutions such as Selenium created challenges around test brittleness and maintenance effort. The company came to Sogeti and Provar to see if they could fill the gap with automated testing.

Part of the Capgemini Group, Sogeti operates globally in more than 100 locations. Working closely with clients and partners to take full advantage of technology opportunities, Sogeti combines agility and speed of implementation to tailor innovative future-focused solutions in Digital Assurance and Salesforce Testing, Cloud, and Cybersecurity, all fueled by AI and automation. With its hands-on ‘value in the making’ approach and passion for technology, Sogeti helps organizations quickly implement their digital journeys.

The Technology: Sales Cloud and Vlocity CPQ 

The company has a custom platform on top of Salesforce’s Sales Cloud. Utilizing standard Sales Cloud features, Vlocity CPQ, and Visualforce pages, this platform helps team members simplify and accelerate the sales process by centralizing customer information, logging interactions, and automating daily tasks.

The company required a Salesforce testing solution that could help automate their regression suite for significant releases and support Salesforce and Vlocity product upgrades.

The Solution: Provar Test Automation with Salesforce and Vlocity

The company and Sogeti selected Provar to help expedite their release schedule and support innovation internally more quickly and reliably.

In a matter of months, the company and Sogeti had successfully implemented Provar to achieve their Sales Cloud and Vlocity CPQ testing requirements.

Before Provar, two full-time manual testers would require three weeks to complete testing for 100+ test cases.

With Provar, The Company:

  • Achieved effective, repeatable, and cost-optimized Salesforce testing by automating their regression suite across two environments
  • Achieved a 50% effort reduction in automation test case development using Provar in comparison to Selenium 
  • Reduced their test cycle time by 75% compared to a manual testing approach
  • Increased quality with enhanced test coverage across multiple environments
  • Raised stakeholder awareness of testing results through test reports that were easy to read and interpret
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“It has been a pleasure working with Provar. Provar has enabled us to set up a fast and reliable test suite that meets our client’s Sales Cloud and Vlocity needs.”

Yogesh Jadhav, Test Automation Consultant at Sogeti