This exclusive deal marks ADOC International Co. as the first to deploy the Salesforce test automation tool to the Japanese market

ADOC International Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tachikawa, Tokyo; CEO: Joji Kobayashi; hereafter “ADOC”), an ICT engineering business that develops telecommunications infrastructure construction and other ICT engineering and test automation solutions, has officiated an exclusive distribution agreement with Provar, Inc. (Head Office: London, UK; CEO: Geraint Waters; hereafter “Provar”), the only test automation tool specifically designed for Salesforce, for the Japanese market. Sales are to begin on June 1, 2024.

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Salesforce is utilized by many companies in Japan and is the top shareholder in the areas of marketing, CRM, SFA, and customer service. The platform streamlines and maximizes a series of processes to create contacts with potential customers and close deals through its diverse product lineup.

Companies using Salesforce, as well as the consulting and system development companies providing development and implementation support, are likely to customize applications to suit their own (or their customers’ own) workflows. They must test these workflows frequently to ensure quality on an ongoing basis.

To overcome the many challenges that developers and testers encounter in the Salesforce testing process and quickly release highly reliable, high-quality applications that adapt to new releases and updates, the testing process must be highly automated for maximum efficiency.

Provar, an end-to-end automated testing tool, is one of the most popular test automation solutions for Salesforce and its broader ecosystem. It is the only tool designed specifically for Salesforce, with an intuitive approach that allows development and QA personnel to quickly implement testing once deployed. Provar has received numerous awards for customer support and consulting, offers an active community, and promises a convenient, easy-to-use interface.

The two companies have been discussing the commercialization of Provar products and have now reached an exclusive distribution agreement.

A Statement from Provar CEO Geraint Waters

“The Provar team is thrilled to begin our partnership with ADOC, and we look forward to providing resilient, intuitive test automation solutions to the Japanese market. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient testing tools aligns perfectly with ADOC’s vision of promoting software quality across numerous development environments.

Together, we will focus on empowering companies implementing Salesforce with the tools they need to optimize their sales activities, improve operational efficiency, and increase their overall business value.”

– Geraint Waters, CEO, Provar

A Statement from ADOC International CEO and Representative Director Joji Kobayashi

“ADOC has concluded an exclusive distribution agreement with Provar, Inc. to provide Provar’s solutions, which are highly acclaimed in the US and European markets, to companies implementing Salesforce and IT-related companies that develop and consult on Salesforce for the first time in Japan.

In the future, ADOC will provide a wide range of services from consulting and design to implementation support, operation, and maintenance of test automation on the Salesforce platform, with Provar at the core of its services, and will continue to promote efforts to optimize customers’ sales activities, improve operational efficiency, and increase the business value of Salesforce.”

– Joji Kobayashi, CEO and Representative Director, ADOC International

Provar Features and Benefits

Provar supports all customer needs in testing Salesforce applications. The company solves the testing cost and skill challenges associated with Salesforce operations by providing low-code, intuitive, and automated builds; maintenance-free test automation; and quality control that is integrated into the development environment.

Provar’s three key features are as follows:

  • Highly resilient: Provar creates a dynamic, customizable, and resilient automated testing environment for Salesforce, reducing maintenance efforts and promoting a sustainable testing environment
  • Intuitive: Provar offers an intuitive, low-code interface for testers with all levels of coding experience, allowing for high-speed automation implementation across the full DevOps team
  • End-to-end: Provar enables end-to-end Salesforce testing for all business workflows on one single platform

Other top features include:

  • Parallel test execution in a cloud environment, enabling unlimited test scale and speed
  • Strong data security inside and outside of Salesforce
  • The ability to integrate with existing technology stacks for a seamless workflow across the CI/CD pipeline
  • Robust test management capabilities to plan, design, implement, execute, and analyze test automation workflows

About Provar

Provar, a global company founded in the UK, deploys advanced solutions to support quality initiatives. The company provides integrated quality management; maintainable, automated testing; release governance; and quality management solutions to organizations and teams using complex systems such as Salesforce.

Provar, with its end-to-end automated testing tools, has been the leading test automation solution for Salesforce since its initiation in 2014, supporting the need for customers to build an ongoing automated testing environment. Provar’s intuitive, low-code product suite improves release agility, reduces system defects, and drives innovation.

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About ADOC International Co., Ltd.

ADOC International Co., Ltd. is an ICT and engineering business, including telecommunications infrastructure construction and technical support, for major mobile carriers in the 5G domain.

In addition to solutions related to web application vulnerability diagnoses, integrated management of cloud environments, big data, and more, in recent years, ADOC has focused on promoting software quality verification in new development environments such as agile and DevOps. As a domestic agent for “Eggplant,” which is gaining recognition both domestically and internationally as an exploratory test automation tool using AI, ADOC provides advanced testing services that consistently cover everything from automation design to execution and operation.

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