LONDON, England — October 15, 2020 — Provar, the leading Salesforce test automation solution for Salesforce enterprise customers. We announced support for their first non-European language to Provar’s existing internationalization capabilities. Adding a mechanism where customers can extend Provar to include any language they choose.

This is what we did to simplify the complexities associated with multi-language testing. Provar customers can now create and reuse DevOps-ready, end-to-end tests to support Salesforce users in different languages. Such as English, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Swedish, and Japanese. In addition to the language support bundled in Provar, customers can also add additional language support. They can do this by authoring and distributing simple translation files.

Provar’s internationalization feature is designed to help Salesforce developers and release teams. This is to avoid the challenges associated with building and maintaining separate tests for different languages. With Provar, teams can create a single, reusable test in Salesforce in one language and re-run that same test in other languages.  

“Because we’ve always maintained environment and user profile independence by using metadata. We have been able to extend test execution and maximize reuse uniquely,” said Richard Clark, Provar Chief Technology Officer. “It’s just not scalable for teams supporting many Salesforce users to write and maintain hundreds of tests for every supported end-user language. That’s why we don’t just support out-of-the-box language translations — Provar also hooks into the Salesforce API to learn any local language customizations configured using Salesforce Translation Workbench. If you want to accelerate innovation in your organization, test automation that can manage the intricacies of internationalization is a must.”

Given the critical interdependencies of multinational teams and the trend to expedite Salesforce releases, the demand for solutions that can help release managers and development teams streamline regression testing has become even more prominent. 

“Many of our customers operate globally with distributed teams in more than one country.“ said Geraint Waters, Provar Chief Executive Officer. “That’s why we’re also hard at work in addition to providing an extendable solution for languages. It is to ensure locale settings are equally simple to execute. And also, we are on track to support the new ICU Locale format. It’s a natural extension of what we do. Provar is designed to help teams simplify the complexities of testing, get more value out of Salesforce and empower users.”

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