New cloud-based solution enables rapid testing, enhanced flexibility, and seamless integration for Salesforce testing

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—July 12, 2023—Provar, a leading provider of Salesforce testing solutions, today launched its newest product, Provar Grid. This innovative addition to the Provar suite of products is designed to revolutionize the way organizations approach QA execution times, operational efficiency, and flexibility.

Provar Grid seamlessly integrates with Provar Manager‘s test lifecycle, providing users with a cloud-based platform to plan, schedule, and execute tests. With Provar Grid, users can deploy and run tests rapidly in the cloud, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure. By placing test script commands and events directly onto the execution environment, Provar Grid significantly increases the speed of QA execution times, while reducing network unpredictability with its flattened network architecture.

Key Advantages

One of the key advantages of Provar Grid is its ability to run test cases across multiple parallel test environments simultaneously. This feature allows users to reduce time spent running tests across multiple browsers or asynchronously, providing a significant boost to overall testing speed. Additionally, Provar Grid offers test environments as a service, reducing setup costs and test maintenance. Users can quickly create test environments configured to their specifications and execute automated test cases in the cloud, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Integrating seamlessly with Provar Manager’s intuitive UI, Provar Grid eliminates the need for additional orchestration tools to run tests. Users can easily plan, set up, schedule, and execute tests entirely in the cloud using Provar Manager’s simple, user-friendly dashboard. Moreover, Provar Manager’s supported plugins for DevOps Center, Flosum, and Copado enable test execution during third-party deployments, further streamlining the testing process.

Who Will Benefit

Provar Grid is designed to cater to a wide range of professionals involved in the testing process. Citizen testers can benefit from simplified orchestration of test environments, reducing time spent on repetitive tasks and enabling them to focus more on actual testing. QA managers can leverage Provar Grid to provide test coverage within limited time frames, access comprehensive progress reports, and streamline testing across different platform and browser combinations. DevOps engineers can benefit from a streamlined release process, reduced heavy lifting, and quicker feedback loops to report test failures.

“We are thrilled to introduce Provar Grid to the market,” said Geraint Waters, CEO of Provar. “Our goal is to empower organizations with the tools they need to optimize their testing processes and drive efficiency. With Provar Grid, users can experience accelerated QA execution times, enhanced operational efficiency, and increased flexibility, all in a cloud-based environment. We believe that Provar Grid will be a game-changer for QA teams seeking to achieve greater speed and agility in their testing practices.”

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About Provar

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