Provar is the leading test automation platform for Salesforce worldwide. Today in London, England, on December 17, 2020, Provar launches ProvarDX Automation Solution. The first test automation solution designed specifically for teams leveraging Salesforce DX. 

ProvarDXTM helps customers simplify the process of executing Provar tests in conjunction with Salesforce DX. An integrated, end-to-end development ecosystem designed for high-performance agile software development.

Salesforce DX offers a new source-driven development model. Enhancing packaging, rapid unit testing, deployment, and improved team collaboration with governance. 

“SalesforceDX is an exciting advancement for high-performing teams looking for new ways to deliver changes better and faster,” said Richard Clark, Provar Chief Technology Officer. “More and more Salesforce professionals are adopting Salesforce DX to develop and manage their Salesforce application lifecycle more efficiently. We saw this opportunity to integrate our award-winning test automation solution. Supporting it uniquely and simultaneously educating our users about the benefits of Salesforce DX. Both traditional org-based and source-driven development models.”

Using ProvarDXTM and Salesforce DX together, Salesforce teams can test releases in either scratch orgs or sandboxes. Doing this before being deployed as part of their continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. By design, ProvarDXTM addresses the many challenges concerning testing multiple orgs that are temporary throughout the entire release lifecycle. ProvarDXTM includes a Salesforce CLI plugin for ease of installation and maintenance and a VS code extension to guide users quickly through the available command options. 

As an early adopter, a leading sustainable energy and services company has been using ProvarDXTM and Provar to reduce their regression testing time by 50%. “Provar and ProvarDX™ have enabled us to accelerate our DevOps process and maintain a high-quality standard for our Salesforce implementation,” said their Senior Test Consultant.

With ProvarDXTM, developers and testers can execute robust tests that accurately reflect and report development progress. Because Provar is a Salesforce-first solution, it natively accommodates the complexities associated with testing scratch orgs and sandbox environments for Salesforce.

“ProvarDXTM is an important part of our product roadmap,“ said Geraint Waters, Provar Chief Executive Officer. “We’re committed to helping teams get more value out of Salesforce to ultimately support their broader business goals, and ProvarDXTM is one way we’re making good on that promise.”

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