We are proud to say that we were Best Performing Salesforce Solution Provider in 2020. Provar is a leading test automation solution for Salesforce enterprise customers. As a Salesforce-first solution, Provar’s mission is to support companies who have built their mission-critical apps on Salesforce.

Provar is proud to announce we feature in one of the prominent magazines. We are one of the Best Performing Salesforce Solution Providers In 2020 by The Enterprise World magazine.

To commemorate this award, the July Issue of The Enterprise World magazine contains an interview with Geraint Waters, Provar CEO & Co-Founder. In this interview, Geraint discusses the journey that Provar has been on in recent years. How we began and what distinguishes the Provar solution. And what has made the team and company culture resilient despite the current global pandemic.

Click here to read the full write-up in The Enterprise World magazine.

We’re committed to being the best at Salesforce testing and that means constant innovation to meet customers’ requirements.