One good thing leads to another. 

Unify Consulting is proud to announce a new partnership with Provar, which provides Salesforce automated testing and test management for enterprises, all in the name of helping customers and partners through repeatable and manageable test automation.

The start of a beautiful partnership. 

Our work together began when another national client needed to dramatically improve how they ship quality new features, improvements, and defect fixes quickly and efficiently. Provar provided increased throughput, efficiency, and efficacy while examining the work being done by a team of business analysts. Unify provided implementation support during the transition from manual UAT testing to the automated solution.

Now we’ve put a ring on it. 

With this partnership, Unify’s Quality Engineering team will leverage its certified Provar test specialists to provide service capabilities for Provar customers. Now clients get the best of both worlds at the same time.

We can customize for clients even more. 

Most Salesforce implementations are customized to meet a client’s process and operations. As part of our new duo, Provar applies its expertise on the Salesforce side with solutions built to work in the same way Salesforce functions , while Unify provides the quality engineering process for implementation. In the end, the client can have more confidence in their platform and better business outcomes.

To learn more about Unify’s Quality Engineering team and its certified Provar test specialists, contact us today.