The New Year started with a bang at Provar, with our teams worldwide sponsoring, presenting at, and attending some high-profile industry events. 

Provar leaders and team members regularly attend educational events, industry conferences, professional seminars, and networking meet-ups to stay current with trends and connect with our peers. With 2023 off to a busy start, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Provar teams this year!

Read on for the recap of Provar’s January events and networking opportunities!

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‘Supercharge Your Application Lifecycle Management with Provar’s Holistic Quality Hub’ Webinar

On Tuesday, January 17, 2023,  Provar’s Chief Product Officer Richard Clark and Senior Product Manager Samuel Arroyo presented “Supercharge Your Application Lifecycle Management with Provar’s Holistic Quality Hub” Webinar. 

This free webinar centered around application lifecycles and how Provar’s newest product, Provar Manager, can provide users the insights they need to enhance their application lifecycle, integrate their existing DevOps tools, and schedule the execution of their unit, functional, and performance test plans. 

This webinar was designed for users of all skill levels to understand better Provar Manager, our new powerful testing management hub. Richard opened the presentation by outlining the features and functionality of Provar Manager and how it can help users analyze, organize, and optimize their automated testing. Later, Samuel led a live demo of Provar Manager to give users a better understanding of the intuitive, user-friendly hub. Live webinar attendees were able to ask questions about Provar Manager, automated testing, and quality in the Salesforce ecosystem.  

And there’s excellent news for those who couldn’t attend! The webinar was recorded and is available to watch here!

‘All About Automation in Salesforce: From Flows to Mulesoft RPA to Test Automation’ at Geneva Trailblazer Community Group

The Geneva Trailblazer Community Group gathered for “All About Automation in Salesforce: From Flows to Mulesoft RPA, to Test Automation” on Thursday, January 19, 2023, in Geneva, Switzerland. Sponsored by Provar, this event brought together users, administrators, consultants, customers, prospects, and others seeking to increase their Salesforce knowledge network with their local peers and grow their communities. 

Held at the Warwick Geneva, the event featured a panel discussion with Provar Solution Engineer Will Hughes. Other panelists included Cyril Louis, CEO of Mavericx. Elise Chipault, Principal Consultant at Mason Frank International, Mehdi El Bilali, Salesforce Solution Architect at Adecco Group, and William Gueissaz, CEO at Headswap. 

The event was well attended and included food, beverages, and networking opportunities throughout the evening. 

Cactusforce 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona

Several Provar team members attended Cactusforce 2023, a community conference for Salesforce developers and architects, on January 19-20, 2023, in Phoenix, Arizona. Hosted at Events on Jackson, Cactusforce 2023 featured in-person and online events focusing on advanced content for developers, architects, and configurators. Presentations were geared toward specializations and included breakout sessions, presentations by Salesforce experts and industry leaders, and networking opportunities for attendees. 

Provar Solutions Engineer Joe Garza gave a Lightning 602 Talk demonstrating the importance of reliable automated Salesforce testing. Garza used his fellow Cactusforce vendors as examples,  pointing out errors on their websites and highlighting how Provar can quickly fix bugs, enhance quality, and improve testing. 

Director of Customer Success Alexa Cash and Customer Success Manager Suzannel Eberendu attended on behalf of Provar, and Provar was an Agave-level sponsor of the event. 

Team members at the Provar booth at Cactusforce 2023.

‘Experiential Learning, OmniStudio and Test Automation’ Workshop at Salesforce Developer Group, Indore, India

The Salesforce Developer Group in Indore, India, gathered on Saturday, January 21, 2023, for the Experiential Learning, OmniStudio and Test Automation Workshop. Provar sponsored the event, which included a celebration of the group’s 6th anniversary, a hands-on scenario workshop, and networking opportunities for attendees. 

Provar Technical Sales Manager Mohit Gupta and Head of Customer Success Piyush Srivastav gave a presentation and live demo of Provar’s robust suite of automated testing solutions. 

Provar Technical Sales Manager Mohit Gupta and Head of Customer Success Piyush Srivastav were present.

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