The Provar team recently wrapped its first-ever Salesforce-ISV XRoads event, and it was a fantastic turnout! The event occurred on October 21, 2022, at the London Stock Exchange. Provar and Salesforce collaborated on the event to bring together the best Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners from Salesforce AppExchange dedicated to improving business performance and maximizing ROI. Also in attendance were eight other Salesforce ISVs:, Docomotion, Vonage,, Dun & Bradstreet, QualityClouds, Flosum, and InsideBoard.

The name “XRoads” was born from the collaboration aspect of the group of ISVs who put on the event, companies from across the globe who came together to help Salesforce customers scale and expand their Salesforce footprint efficiently and effectively while navigating best practices to mitigate risk during their growth.

The event focused on learning and sharing knowledge. Attendees could meet and speak with a specially curated group of ISVs offering solutions that complement each other to learn how they could help with their business needs. It was an excellent opportunity for networking with fellow business leaders from different industries across the Salesforce ecosystem. Speakers discussed their most successful Salesforce and ISV integrations and detailed how they did it, the lessons they learned, and how other companies could apply those lessons to their own businesses to make the most of their Salesforce and ISV investments.

Over 4,000 diverse ISV partners on the Salesforce AppExchange offer unique solutions poised to solve any issue, including Provar. There is incredible value in using these solutions in combination with one other, and Salesforce-ISV XRoads provided attendees with the knowledge to do just that.

Here are some thoughts from Provar’s team of experts on the event!

“It was so great to catch up with some wonderful colleagues from the past as well as the present, and to make new friends in the Salesforce ecosystem. I loved the Q&A and the demo of all of the ISV products working seamlessly and brilliantly together. It was something special. I’ve never seen anyone join quite so many ISV products together and be able to explain the hows and the whys of doing so.”

Eleanor Dearing, Customer Success Manager (UK), Provar

“The Salesforce AppExchange enterprise marketplace contains over 4,000 apps that businesses can use to extend the capability of the Salesforce Platform. XRoads was the first time that I’ve seen Salesforce, industry-leading ISVs, and customers come together to experience multiple apps coming together to solve a real-life business problem. It was great to hear customers share the value that they place in licensing productized ISV offerings to tailor their Salesforce experience to their needs while reducing the amount of configuration and customization that they would otherwise have to commit to and support.”

Ivan Harris, Chief Technical Officer, Provar

“Meeting with people from different industries and getting to know their products was the greatest part of XRoads. There were many great takeaways, such as seeing the end-to-end flow of how different ISV products integrate with Salesforce seamlessly to make tasks much easier for teams working on implementations. Listening to industry experts on how they have utilized these products was great for anyone looking to explore the Salesforce marketplace, and it was helpful to directly interact with its ISV partners.”

Piyush Srivastav, Head of Customer Success (India), Provar

A big thanks to all who participated and attended. We look forward to sharing more on our upcoming events – stay tuned here on our blog and connect with us on social media for the latest updates!

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