On Friday, June 9th, 2023, Team Provar attended London’s Calling, Europe’s largest community-led event for Salesforce professionals. This highly anticipated event attracted over 700 professionals in person and over 1000 online who were eager to engage in a day filled with valuable insights and networking opportunities. 

Please keep reading for our recap of London’s Calling 2023!

Provar Participation and Sponsorship

Team Provar was well represented as a Gold level sponsor. At our booth, our dedicated sponsor team showcased all of our quality solutions offered by Provar, including Provar Automation for Salesforce test automation and Provar Manager, the quality hub for your Salesforce org. 

Geraint Waters, Chief Executive Officer, Richard Clark, Chief Strategy Officer,  Eleanor Dearing, Head of Partners and Alliances, Samuel Arroyo, VP of Product, Nick Sayles, Product Manager, Ivan Harris, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Matt Coker, Senior Business Transformation Manager, Mark Scott, Account Director, Luigi Castellano, Product Marketing Manager, Robert West, Business Development Representative,  and Will Hughes, Solutions Engineer, attended on Provar’s behalf. 

Team Provar was also represented in the keynote sessions with Richard Clark and Samuel Arroyo presenting their talk, “Supercharge Your DevOps Center Pipeline,” where they dove into how to extend the core capabilities of DevOps Center pipelines and more! Their session helped attendees learn more about extending their pipelines’ core capabilities by seamlessly integrating essential components such as issue tracking, static code analysis, and unit and functional tests.

Salesforce Community-Focused Keynotes and Workshops

London’s Calling focuses on connecting different groups of people within the Salesforce community, such as developers, architects, and marketing technologists. One of the core aspects of London’s Calling was its focus on community engagement. Attendees had the unique opportunity to interact with fellow Salesforce professionals, exchange experiences, and establish valuable connections. Moreover, the event served as a platform to engage with key Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and System Integrator (SI) partners, allowing attendees to explore potential collaborations and gain a deeper understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem.

As the day drew to a close, after enlightening keynote sessions and productive networking opportunities, the event culminated in a live comedian performance! 

As always, we had a great time at the event and look forward to participating in many more.

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