At Provar, we love to talk to our customers, colleagues, and partners about our powerful suite of Salesforce-centric testing solutions. We’re often asked about our product release schedule and how we align with Salesforce updates. And what that means for our customers.

This blog’ll explain how Provar release schedules align with Salesforce updates. How we prioritize our efforts, and—maybe most importantly—how this process helps organizations reach their testing and quality goals.

Understanding Salesforce Release Updates

Salesforce regularly releases updates that improve its performance, logic, and usability. However, these updates often affect existing customizations, which can cause tests already in place to stop working. This creates unexpected issues for organizations that depend on Salesforce for crucial business processes. 

Typically, there are three major Salesforce releases yearly to update existing products. They include:

  • Immediate changes
  • Configurable updates needing admin or developer intervention
  • Changes enabled by future Release Updates or automatically activated

At Provar, we strategically align our release schedules with Salesforce updates. To ensure that our products are resilient and that our customers experience as little disruption to their Salesforce environment as possible. 

Provar’s Prioritization Process

Our solutions were built from the ground up for Salesforce, which means we understand Salesforce’s update process inside and out. We’ve also worked closely with Salesforce on several partnerships and initiatives. This helps us anticipate what is to come and the areas testers should watch to ensure their tests remain strong. And just like our customers, our planning, prioritizing, and execution follow the applicable Trailhead content. For release planning, it is an excellent resource for teams to prioritize and track changes. 

At Provar, we prioritize changes as follows: 

  1. Breaking changes affecting test execution or mapping
  2. New features necessitating new tests
  3. Changes and features less likely to be tested
  4. Changes not impacting Provar but nonetheless interesting

We prioritize Priority 1 items before each release to guarantee smooth reporting in the customer sandbox preview. Priority 2 items are internal change requests, and we include them when regression risk is low and our teams have time.

Additional Insights, Training and Educational Opportunities

The customer needs to handle priority 3 items when business demand necessitates support. Priority 4 and 5 items are often covered in Provar’s release webinars and videos on the Provar Blog. The University of Provar also works directly with the Salesforce Trailhead team to create helpful and free educational modules for additional help. While these issues may not significantly impact many users, they are no less important to understand, as they can illustrate specific use cases.

How Customers Benefit From Provar’s Release Schedule

Provar’s meticulous decision-making process for Salesforce releases has one true aim — to empower our customers. Our alignment with Salesforce updates ensures Provar users’ testing strategies remain robust and resilient and can adapt seamlessly to Salesforce’s ever-evolving features and functionality. 

Need proof? 
Since Salesforce’s Summer 22 release, 43 DOM elements have been changed. 
And the number of Provar tests that have broken? Zero. 

One final note: Because all Provar solutions are built using the information within Salesforce’s metadata, Provar users can robustly and intelligently test many Salesforce features automatically without additional maintenance. Our additional testing capabilities, including API testing and ProvarX page object integration, contribute to a comprehensive end-to-end testing strategy. We recommend always ensuring your Provar solution is up-to-date so we can continue supporting you in the best way possible!

Provar’s continued synchronization with Salesforce updates is designed to empower our users to develop resilient testing strategies and reach their testing goals. Provar’s release schedule’s strategic alignment ensures that our customers can adapt to the evolving Salesforce platform and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their testing efforts. 

To learn more about how Provar can help you reach your testing goals, contact our team today!