In the fast-paced world of software development, automated testing has become an essential practice to ensure the quality and reliability of applications built in Salesforce. However, not all test automation solutions are created equal regarding resilience. Many solutions rely on traditional methods that are susceptible to frequent changes and require extensive maintenance. Provar Automation, on the other hand, stands out by leveraging the power of Salesforce’s metadata to build tests that are more resilient than other solutions on the market.

In this blog post, we will explore how Provar Automation’s test-building capabilities outshine its competitors regarding resilience, making it the go-to choice for Salesforce experts and organizations looking for stability in any situation.

Building Tests with Salesforce Metadata

Salesforce’s frequent updates and customizations are excellent for keeping the behemoth platform ahead of time, but this doesn’t come without challenges for test automation solutions. Tests built on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and DOM-based approaches are prone to breakage during these updates because these factors are unstable – any test automation solution that builds their tests this way relies on outdated and risky practices.

A good test automation solution will employ stable locators for elements, which they can find by leveraging Salesforce’s metadata model. Salesforce defines metadata as data that explains data, and it is this metadata that should serve as a foundation for building robust tests. However, most test automation solutions on the market today don’t work in this way, making them much less resilient than tests built with Provar Automation. Their outdated approach leads to a reliance on manual updates and increased maintenance efforts.

How Provar Automation Builds Resilient Tests

By utilizing the information found within Salesforce’s metadata, Provar Automation understands the location of elements and automatically updates its locators when Salesforce’s metadata changes. Building tests based on Salesforce’s metadata makes them more resilient to changes in the application – it’s that simple. As metadata tied to fields and layouts changes less frequently than the rendered web page source, tests have fewer opportunities to break. This reduces maintenance and ensures testing efforts can focus on the application’s functionality and logic.

Tests built-in Provar Automation are also resilient in their reusability – they stand up to the test of being reused in multiple contexts, such as across different orgs, languages, and user profiles. This reusability improves the efficiency and scalability of the testing process, enabling organizations to streamline their testing efforts and achieve faster time-to-market.

Resiliency also comes into play for tests that must work seamlessly across different Salesforce applications, such as Classic, Lightning, Flexipages, and Dynamic Forms. If tests seem resilient in one application but are not in another, they are not genuinely resilient in the first place. By leveraging the information within Salesforce’s metadata, Provar Automation ensures its tests are compatible with any page layout, org type, or application. This flexibility empowers organizations to adapt to evolving Salesforce environments without compromising test stability.

How Provar Automation Stands Above the Rest in Resiliency

Provar Automation stands out among its competitors by embracing this metadata-driven approach, ensuring resilience and adaptability. Designed explicitly for Salesforce applications by Salesforce experts, Provar Automation eliminates the need for extensive script modifications, saving time and effort. The code used to map Salesforce page elements, predict interactions, understand page layouts, and generate tests is maintained by Provar Automation, ensuring compatibility with each new Salesforce release. All of this allows testers to focus on the actual functionality and logic of their applications rather than being consumed by constant maintenance.

In automated testing, not all test-building capabilities are created equal regarding resiliency. Provar Automation sets itself apart by leveraging the power of Salesforce’s metadata to build resilient tests that stand above other outdated test automation solutions on the market. If you’re seeking a resilient, reliable, secure test automation solution, Provar Automation is the only logical choice.

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