Salesforce has become the world’s largest CRM, innovating business processes and driving change in small independent businesses, enterprise organizations, and entire industries. But many business leaders fail to realize just how costly the maintenance surrounding Salesforce is — often counting on inefficient, error-prone manual testing to keep their business processes running smoothly. 

At Provar, we help organizations transform their Salesforce automated testing — improving release agility, driving down system defects, and accelerating change. Our teams are committed to delivering innovative, intuitive solutions so minimize issues and maximize our customers’ Salesforce investment. 

But what is the true cost of Salesforce maintenance? And, how can test automation solution vendors like Provar help organizations save time and money? 

Provar’s latest white paper, ‘The Real Cost of Maintenance: How Your Salesforce Test Automation Solution Vendor Can Save You Money by Providing Three Essential Services,’ details how Provar Automation and Provar Manager can help optimize Salesforce test automation, and reduce costly downtime and errors. 

Want to learn more about how Provar’s Salesforce test automation solutions can help you? Download the full white paper ‘The Real Cost of Maintenance’ from Provar today!