Do you think about a career change? Testing might be a great fit for you!

What is a tester? A tester is an individual who tests software for bugs, errors, defects, or any problem that can affect the performance of the software or an application.

A lot of testers fall into testing with no defined path. Chris Armstrong, the QA Strategist at Provar, explains how he “fell” into testing for 17 years and the nine characteristics of a tester:

I am wondering how you might “fall” into testing. Discover the nine characteristics of a good tester and how to get started below.

Nine Characteristics of a Good Tester


Do you tend to look at things with wonderment and awe, always wondering, “What if?” when it comes to new opportunities?

Critical Thinking

Remember when your teachers told you how important it was to be a critical thinker? They were right! If you ponder how things could be better or how you could improve the task at hand, you might be a great tester.

Thinking Outside the Box

Speaking of those past teachers, your favorites were probably those who challenged you to do, see, and hear things differently. Could you identify how a customer could use a product, even if it’s out of the ordinary?

Quick to Learn

Are you fantastic at synthesizing information and teaching it to others? You may want to try testing!

Spatial Awareness

Why are we here? What are we doing? Can you take the lead in creating this awareness for yourself and others? You’d be an asset to both your team and your customers!


Good communication involves much more than sharing your thoughts with others. Perhaps your colleagues know you as the “listener.” This skill is invaluable in testing!


You look at a problem and devise a few creative ways to solve it. Can you see multiple solutions in the face of an issue? Put that skill to good use!


Are you someone who likes a different challenge every day? Don’t get stuck in a rut. Expand your horizons by seeking new interactions daily.

Breaking Stuff

Live life with abandon! Break all the things, then put all the things back together again! Sound like your mantra? Testing may be for you!

Have any of the characteristics listed above? Take this quiz to discover what kind of tester you are. You can also get started with free University of Provar courses and certifications here.