Telecom Company Overview

The company is a multinational telecommunications corporation with over 200 million customers worldwide. It’s also a Salesforce Sales Cloud customer who uses streamlined testing telecoms. The company’s Salesforce org combines standard and custom elements, including standard Salesforce objects and page layouts, bespoke configuration, and Visualforce development. Sales and marketing are the primary users of the Salesforce platform, and their processes cover lead conversion, opportunity management, and forecasting. They came to Provar to improve their Sales Cloud testing process.

The Challenge in Telecom Automation

With this company’s complex functional flows, manual Sales Cloud testing was a significant overhead. Their 150 end-to-end test cases took two dedicated testers two weeks to complete each iteration.

The team wanted to reduce their manual Sales Cloud testing effort and better support their agile developments by running the whole test pack automatically regularly.

The tests also needed to execute efficiently across multiple environments in line with their delivery lifecycle.

  • 150 TEST CASES
  • 160 HOURS
  • 4 FTE 

The Solution to their Sales Cloud Testing

The company chose Provar to automate its Sales Cloud testing. Provar is an end-to-end test automation tool designed for Salesforce. Because Provar is tightly integrated with Salesforce, it provides a more efficient way to implement streamlined telecom testing automation. Minor changes to an environment become easier to accommodate, removing the pain of maintenance and the difficulty of scaling.

The company took on Provar’s 15-day quick start consulting package to help them design and develop their test cases. At this time, their in-house test team also completed Provar’s 3-day training course.

With Provar, their test cases covered all primary functionality across Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Campaigns, Chatter, Reports, and Forecasting. They could validate their end-to-end workflow, assert calculated fields on the browser, and check validation rule error messages.

The Results of Using Provar

  • 5 DAYS
  • 50 FASTER

The company delivered over half of its regression scope with just 15 days of dedicated support through Provar’s quick-start consulting package. Over 60% of this scope was completed by the company’s in-house testing team, who had no previous experience using Provar.

After this, the team was confident enough in the tool to deliver the remainder of the regression scope themselves with only light-touch support.

Ultimately, the company reduced its Sales Cloud testing time from 2 weeks to 5 days, a 50% reduction in regression testing time.

As the solution used many standard Salesforce page layouts, the company could easily map fields using Provar’s knowledge of Salesforce metadata. This approach helped create highly maintainable test cases.

The company could also use Provar’s environment management functionality to test quickly across different environments. They were pleased that the same tests could be run in different environments without any changes needed to the tests.

The company was delighted with its adoption of Provar because of the significant reduction in Sales Cloud testing time and effort.

Technical Solution in Streamlined Testing Automation

The company noted several specific areas in Sales Cloud testing that Provar excelled in where their previous tool, Selenium, had struggled.

No Code

Selenium requires testers to have development skills in Java, C#, Python, or a similar language. Provar works code-free and is easy for non-developers to use, meaning training testers and maintaining tests are much more accessible.

Easy Control Locators

Selenium requires test authors to hardcode these locators. Provar is tightly integrated into Salesforce metadata, meaning field locators are suggested automatically and can be amended efficiently.

Easy Testing

Selenium API tests must be programmed, while Provar supports data creation and cloning through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Support for Field Definitions

In Selenium, all picklists and labels have to be programmed manually. Provar supports picklists and labels automatically through Provar’s tight metadata integration.

Testing with Multiple Users and Profiles

Selenium has no support for these requirements, whereas Provar can offer it for streamlined testing telecoms with the simple setup of an Excel sheet.

Automated Data Cleanup

In Selenium, data clean-up has to be programmed, while in Provar, this can be enabled automatically.

Support for Native Salesforce Elements

Selenium does not know Salesforce standard or custom elements and needs all fields to be mapped manually by the test author. Provar has inbuilt support for standard page layouts, recognizing and mapping areas automatically. It also has advanced Visualforce support via its PageObjects concept, meaning minor amendments to the Visualforce page do not break tests.

Environment Management

In Selenium, data clean-up has to be programmed, while in Provar, this can be enabled automatically.