Provar is dedicated to advancing leadership from within. To that end, the company has announced Michael Dailey as Provar’s new Director of Solution Engineering, promoting him from his previous role of Solution Architect.

In his new role, Michael’s primary objective is to engineer and deliver quality solutions to Provar prospects and customers. One of his main responsibilities will be taking ownership of the standardization and uniformity of Provar’s deliverables to clients. He aims to create a more seamless process for Provar users as they transition from Sales to Customer Success.

“As someone who has experienced being handed off from one contact to another, I know the frustrations that come with this approach and how important it is for Provar to prioritize a seamless process here,” says Michael. “Additionally, my desire is to be a voice for both the Pre-Sales engineering team and our users. We hope to incorporate their feedback into our Product Roadmap and ultimately deliver a more quality solution as a result.”

Provar has always been an innovator in the Salesforce ecosystem, especially when it comes to the quality journey. Provar’s Quality Cloud suite of products will remain among the best testing automation tools for Salesforce because of Provar’s unique ability to give users what they need to be successful at a higher velocity. To support this, Michael plans to further expand Provar’s integration pool and provide more cohesive learning experiences to share how these tools work in user environments.

“As someone who comes from a DevOps background, I want to be able to guide our users through these tools and processes in a more tailored way so that they can quickly see the value of Provar, not just from a pure automation perspective, but from an overall quality perspective,” says Michael.

To learn more about Michael Dailey, connect with him on LinkedIn or reach out at