Aligning the Pace of Testing with a Rapidly Changing World

In this white paper, we share Provar’s latest customer research and feedback, as well as recent industry Software-based innovation is evolving rapidly, driven by critical trends across low- and no-code platforms, microservices, and serverless architectures, infrastructure as code (IaC), software as a service (SaaS), and open-source platforms and application frameworks. These capabilities enable organizations to move faster, adopt agile practices, create applications, and deliver value in new ways, but at the same time, they bring new challenges and risks that need to be checked for and mitigated.

In traditional software development, testing practices matured to maximize coverage of potential risk. These approaches may be comprehensive but create an overhead that can be perceived as too great for high-velocity solution delivery. Modern tooling and frameworks are not always created to be easy to test, and organizations can lack the skills and disciplines to assure software quality across both traditional and new environments.

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