When Provar was founded in 2014, we sought to be the leading solution in Salesforce testing. Our commitment to leadership, innovation, and excellence in Salesforce testing remains unchanged nearly a decade later. But how we talk about what we do here at Provar has evolved. 

Today, Provar Automation is just one of Provar’s solutions to help teams manage their quality journey. Automation is built upon four pillars, or principles — resilient, intuitive, secure, and end-to-end — to help users transform their testing

In this blog, we’ll dive into the four pillars of Provar Automation and how they contribute to the success of Automation users.

What is Provar Automation? 

Provar Automation is designed to help users streamline their testing. Built from the ground up for Salesforce, Automation allows users to create, execute, and debug test cases simultaneously. With interactive test authoring tools, smart autocomplete, and reusable and customizable capabilities, Provar Automation empowers teams to accelerate delivery, decrease downtime, and avoid costly testing errors. 

What are the 4 Pillars of Provar Automation?

Much like companies are built upon values, Automation is built upon four pillars that guide how Automation is built, how it functions, and how it benefits users.

Here’s an overview of what each stands for.


Automation uses Salesforce metadata to build more resilient tests than other solutions on the market. Unlike traditional solutions that are susceptible to frequent changes and require extensive – and expensive – maintenance, Automation stays current with Salesforce by leveraging the information in its metadata. It allows teams to align their tests with every Salesforce release and web browser update. Simply put, building tests based on metadata makes them more resilient to changes – inside and outside of Salesforce. 


With Automation, teams can run tests in Salesforce the same intuitive way they use it — with simple point-and-click coding, predictive text, and a user-friendly interface, making it a powerful tool for use across organizations and industries. Unlike traditional testing platforms, creating tests with Automation is a playful, iterative process. Provar’s intuitive, easy-to-use Test Builder empowers users to build test cases quickly, easily, and accurately – authoring and debugging as they go – without writing a single line of code. Automation’s user-friendly design and low-code interface allow for an intuitive test-building approach, empowering teams of all experience levels to transform their testing.


Automation is the trusted solution for many organizations across risk management, finance, health care, and more, offering in-depth support for the most complex security and compliance requirements. Automation mitigates risks from poor environment setup, loose password management, and insecure storage of test cases, settings, data, and business logic. With Automation, companies can run their automated tests securely — within their network and behind their firewall. Provar’s encryption options allow organizations to tailor their settings to specific security procedures and policies and keep confidential data safe.


Automation doesn’t just test Salesforce — its end-to-end automated testing includes external applications, platforms, and plug-ins, delivering comprehensive coverage throughout every step of the testing cycle. Automation combines UI and API actions to deliver total end-to-end testing coverage, including support for Apex, message queues, APIs, websites, email, databases, and more. Teams seeking additional functionality can easily extend Automation’s complete testing capabilities for any use case. Additionally, developers can write their custom test step types in Java and deploy them with Provar’s standard Test Palette. With Automation, teams can rest assured they are covered across applications. 


Provar Automation, the only quality solution designed specifically for Salesforce, was developed around our four pillars — resilient, intuitive, secure, and end-to-end. By staying aligned with the four pillars of Automation, Provar helps organizations streamline their testing and achieve their quality goals.

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