This is the third blog post in a series about how Provar Manager can help organizations streamline their tech stacks and organize, analyze, and optimize their Salesforce testing. To read the first two blogs in this series, “How Provar Manager Helps You Organize” and “How Provar Manager Helps You Analyze,” visit the Provar blog!

In today’s rapid-fire world, organizations must not only identify issues, analyze data, and expect change. They need applications that help them manage quality in complex tech stacks and solutions. These applications allow them to optimize their business practices efficiently and effectively. 

Provar builds powerful products that help organizations manage their testing and quality. We understand how complicated, costly, and time-consuming it can be to maintain, manage, and optimize quality across a complex tech stack without the right solutions.

We created Provar Manager to empower teams to organize, analyze, and optimize their quality management activities in one integrated, streamlined, and sophisticated solution. 

Learn how Provar Manager helps boost your company’s performance and quality management..

What is a Provar Manager? 

Provar Manager provides one integrated, intuitive solution for managing quality across your unique Salesforce ecosystem. The robust quality hub has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, allowing team members of all experience levels to automate workflows, add structure, collect data, and fine-tune their processes throughout their entire quality journey. Provar Manager integrates with Provar Automation, other automation tools, third-party applications, and products, empowering teams to streamline their Salesforce testing activities. 

How Can Provar Manager Help Your Organization Optimize its Quality Management Activities? 

Provar Manager is a powerful partner in achieving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Teams can fine-tune quality management efforts. They do it in a centralized, collaborative environment. This empowers organizations. They can make better, faster decisions. They’re also more informed.

Efficient Test Case Prioritization

Provar Manager allows teams to prioritize and categorize test cases and assignments based on impact and risk. It empowers them to focus on their business’s most critical and immediate aspects. With Provar Manager, teams can efficiently create, organize, and manage test cases. 

Integration with Provar Automation and Release Management Tools

Provar Manager seamlessly integrates with Provar Automation and other automated testing tools, enabling organizations to automate repetitive tests. Reliable and repeatable test automation accelerates testing and minimizes human error, leading to better, more accurate results. 

Release Risk Mitigation

Provar Manager acts as a central hub for testing integration, execution, reporting, and analysis — allowing teams to look at their Salesforce testing efforts in one place. The Provar Manager helps teams mitigate release risk and maintain quality with complete transparency and real-time collaboration. It connects to process mapping and risk assessment tools, including Panaya and Element. Cloud empowers your team’s business analysts to optimize your quality and reduce risk. 

Continuous Collaboration and Innovation

Precise and efficient communication and collaboration is mission critical in optimizing quality. With Provar Manager, teams can quickly create test plans, assign tasks, identify risks, expedite issue resolution, and share real-time insights, updates, and feedback. Provar Manager’s collaborative, intuitive interface results in more efficient communication, faster turnaround times, and better quality.


At Provar, we understand that organizations need solutions beyond the status quo. Provar Manager, Provar’s powerful quality management hub, empowers teams to organize, analyze, and optimize their quality management activities — all in one easy-to-use, intuitive, user-friendly interface. With Provar Manager, teams can streamline their Salesforce testing efforts, create cultures of innovation, and ultimately deliver better products and services to their customers. 

Want to learn more about how Provar Manager can help your organization manage quality across its entire QA landscape? Connect with us today!