This is the second blog post in a mini-series about how Provar Manager can help organizations streamline their tech stacks and organize, optimize, and analyze their Salesforce testing. Stay tuned for the final blog post in the series, and check out the first one here!

In today’s marketplace, organizations need products and applications to support structure, empower employees, and exceed customer expectations. However, as tech stacks grow, so does an organization’s need for a solution to manage testing and maintain quality. 

Provar Manager was created to do precisely that. Provar Manager allows organizations to organize, analyze, and optimize their testing efforts comprehensively and in one place. 

Today, we’re discussing how Provar Manager can help your organization analyze your testing and quality management efforts.

What is a Provar Manager? 

Measuring quality can become tricky for organizations that depend on Salesforce for their day-to-day operations, especially as you grow and customize your tech stack. The Provar Manager gives organizations a central command center for all QA activities inside and outside of Salesforce. Manager seamlessly integrates with automated testing tools, including Provar Automation and third-party applications in your tech stack. The quality hub has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, allowing team members of all experience levels to automate workflows, add structure, and collect data throughout their entire quality journey. 

How Does Provar Manager Help Organizations Analyze Quality Management Efforts? 

Analysis is critical in finding patterns, spotting trends, and identifying areas that need improvement — especially as an organization’s tech stack grows. However, for teams to analyze quality data effectively, they need to know that data are accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date.  

Provar Manager’s powerful functionality empowers organizations to comprehensively collect and analyze data across their entire Salesforce ecosystem, ensuring the team makes decisions based on aggregated, updated data. 

In-Depth, Up-to-Date Data Analysis

Provar Manager gives teams in-depth, up-to-date, accurate information across their entire Salesforce environment. With Provar Manager, teams collect, report, visualize, and analyze test data. This includes information about test executions, deployments, coverage, defects, results, and test evidence.

Integration with Automation and DevOps Applications

Provar Manager seamlessly integrates with Provar Automation and works with other powerful testing tools, including DevOps tools like Salesforce DevOps Center and Flosum. Connecting to your tech stack’s products enables your team to see testing outcomes from a DevOps perspective—accurately, comprehensively, and in real-time.

Powerful Trend Identification and Comparative Analysis

Provar Manager empowers teams. Teams can analyze historical test data, compare feature quality over time, track defects per release or functional area, and measure and identify key metrics. Managers have comprehensive analysis tools. These tools enable organizations to gather data from test cases quickly. Teams can identify pain points and patterns and actively analyze ongoing issues. With a Provar Manager, teams can increase efficiency, improve quality strategy, and ensure rapid innovation. 

Intuitive and Collaborative Dashboard

With improved visibility comes increased collaboration. Provar Manager makes it easy for teams of developers, testers, admins, and stakeholders to communicate, collaborate, and share information and testing data across the organization. Teams have full access to data on test plans, results, and quality metrics — all from an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Provar Manager’s dashboard makes it easy to measure release quality across applications, make informed decisions, and improve testing. 


Maintaining quality across their tech stacks is a constant challenge for organizations that rely on Salesforce. Provar Manager, Provar’s powerful quality hub, enables interdisciplinary teams to organize, analyze, and optimize their quality management efforts and equips them with the tools they need to elevate their analysis. Organizations can enhance their understanding of quality-related metrics, patterns, and trends with Provar Manager’s analytics tools. They can make proactive decisions. This helps in delivering better customer products and services.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series, focusing on how Provar Manager can help teams optimize their quality management activities. 

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