In 2014, Paul Noffke and I set out to develop a best-of-breed automated testing solution for companies using Salesforce. We had previously solved complex, end-to-end testing problems for highly regulated banking projects and realized this was a critical unmet need in the Salesforce ecosystem. The future of Salesforce test automation became cloudy because of this. The only available options required immense work to build and maintain tests, and those tests were still highly susceptible to breakage with new Salesforce releases. Armed with this experience, we were determined to share what we learned and help other teams build break-resistant, end-to-end tests that could be created with clicks, not code.

We teamed up with Mark Richards and Richard Clark at Make Positive – a Platinum Salesforce partner based in the U.K.

We wanted to solve for the unique challenges posed by agile development on a technology which upgrades and innovates frequently.

We realized that a testing solution committed to the Salesforce ecosystem could provide more value to customers than generic test solutions or homegrown custom frameworks incapable of reacting to the rigorous pace of Salesforce innovation.

I am proud to say that since then, we have grown Provar organically to become the number one testing solution for Salesforce. (We are the only company to appear as a category leader or high performer across the G2Crowd grids for Software Testing, Test Automation, and Continuous Integration tools while appearing in the grid for Salesforce AppExchange apps.). Thus, the future for Salesforce test automation is bright for us and other companies using Salesforce.

Sustained Organic Growth Worldwide

It didn’t happen overnight, but we now have a fantastic and loyal customer base within the pharmaceutical, federal government, finance, and high-tech sectors, which rely upon Provar to develop and maintain test cases and integrate with the rest of their DevOps tooling.

One of the secrets of our success has been the talent and loyalty of our team in Gurgaon, India. They have been a constant energy source and have continued to deliver outstanding results. Building on that momentum, we decided to build out an office in the U.S. in 2018 with the leadership of Jon Robinson, VP of customer experience and head of North America, to serve the U.S. market better, and we have found that Nashville offers a great depth of talent which has helped grow Provar even further.

Continued Momentum for the Future of Salesforce Test Automation

We delivered a strong 2020 and launched the University of Provar to provide accreditation and training for our users who proudly post their certifications on LinkedIn. We take great pride in being customer-led in our product roadmap. We have also delivered a robust feature set that includes ProvarDX, Zephyr Integration, Lightning Web Components, and Dynamic Forms. While we have assembled a strong delivery team, there is still more to do. We want to innovate faster. We want to reach new customers with our award-winning product and invest further in our best-in-class customer support.

Looking Bright Ahead

To continue our growth, we have chosen to raise a Series A investment round with the help of corporate advisers Jago Capital. We chose Michael Elias and his team at Kennet Partners due to their shared strategic vision and track record in the Salesforce ecosystem. Kennet specializes in working with founders of high-tech bootstrapped companies with a solid history of profitability to enable further growth.  

I am also pleased to announce that Bob DeSantis has been appointed chairman of our board of directors. Bob joined the Provar board at the beginning of 2020 and is a hands-on Salesforce veteran, most recently the president and COO of Conga and one of the early leaders at DocuSign. Bob currently serves on several company boards and brings a wealth of experience to the team.  

Just Getting Started

This is still just the beginning for Provar. We intend to constantly improve our solution to accelerate Salesforce innovation, support our customer base, and advance our collective goals of faster delivery, fewer errors, and higher user satisfaction.

Finally, we welcome you to join us on the journey. If you are a partner, we would like your co-marketing ideas. If you’ve had hands-on experience with Provar, keep the reviews coming. Are you looking to use or try Provar test automation? Meet with our sales team.

Most importantly, I’d also like to thank our loyal customers, collaborative partners, and dedicated employees. Without your support, none of this would be possible. I’m proud to work with you as we continue to provide best-in-class solutions and services to help shape the future of Salesforce test automation for many years. Onward!