At conferences, industry events, and even in casual conversations, Provar team members hear a seemingly simple question echoed among Salesforce users — “Why automate?”

This question speaks to a fundamental curiosity about the value and necessity of automation in the Salesforce ecosystem. And in this era of industry shake-ups and economic uncertainty, this inquiry becomes especially salient.

In this blog, we’ll answer this important question and shed light on the advantages of automation in Salesforce testing.

Automation: The Hows, The Whys, and The Advantages

On the surface, manual testing has a lot of upsides — namely, low initial investment — that can be especially beneficial for smaller organizations. But as an organization’s Salesforce ecosystem grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult to manage Salesforce testing manually. 

To ensure their Salesforce systems are working as intended, organizations are increasingly relying on specialized software solutions to automate their Salesforce testing. With the help of an automated testing solution, teams can design and run test cases, execute and generate reports, and gain actionable insights about their business processes more efficiently, effectively, and accurately.

While every organization will find different advantages and disadvantages in their Salesforce testing journeys, automated testing offers some pretty remarkable benefits, including:

Enhanced Efficiency and Increased Productivity

Automated testing isn’t just about replacing manual tasks with robotic ones — it’s about streamlining productivity and increasing efficiency. Automated tests can be executed quickly, accurately, and repeatedly, minimizing the amount of time and effort teams take to execute tests. Tasks that used to take hours — or even days — can be completed in a fraction of the time, adding up to tangible time and cost savings. These efficiency boosts empower teams to focus on strategic initiatives, business development, and more important Salesforce tasks.  

Increased Test Coverage

Manual data entry is prone to errors — whether it’s a simple typo or more significant data inconsistencies. As an organization’s Salesforce ecosystem grows, human error can become increasingly likely, and especially costly. Automated testing solutions can handle enormous amounts of data with ease — testing all the features, functionality, additional platforms and applications in an organization’s Salesforce ecosystem and ensuring comprehensive test coverage. With better coverage, teams can identify issues earlier, reduce the risks of bugs and breaks, and ensure seamless customer experiences. 

Improved Quality and Reliability

For organizations that count on customer confidence, reliable end-to-end testing is crucial to success. With automation, organizations can ensure data accuracy and consistency across their Salesforce ecosystem, eliminating issues with human error or execution. By enforcing standardized processes and repeatable rules through automation, organizations can trust their data integrity — especially important for complex customer journeys, complicated implementations, and strategic decision-making. 

Scalability and Adaptability 

As organizations grow and change, so do their Salesforce needs. Manual testing that once sufficed can quickly bottleneck as a business expands, and already busy teams can become overwhelmed. Automation provides scalability and adaptability, allowing organizations to effectively manage increased data volumes, new rules and requirements, changing market factors, and evolving customer expectations. With automation, organizations can future-proof their Salesforce ecosystem and stay agile in a dynamic economy. 

Optimized Cost

Yes — many Salesforce test automation solutions cost money up front. But the long-term benefits of automation far outweigh any initial investment. With automation, teams can easily reuse and maintain their tests and reduce the need for on-the-ground teams or additional resources. Automated testing also allows organizations to identify and address issues earlier in the testing cycle, reducing rework and avoiding expensive inefficiency.


Automation isn’t about replacing humans with machines; it’s about empowering people to do more meaningful work. From efficiency gains to better test coverage, improved quality, adaptability and optimized cost, automation offers a myriad of advantages that are indispensable in today’s digital world. 

Since 2014, Provar has been a leader in automated Salesforce testing. Our powerful suite of solutions helps teams organize, automate, and scale their testing efforts in Salesforce and beyond, and meets our users at every stage of their quality journey. 

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