At Provar, we are committed to exploring new ways to partner with Salesforce that benefit our customers. We have early access to Salesforce product releases, allowing us to test our solutions against new innovations and solve errors before they reach our customers, and our customers can test their solutions well ahead of time, alleviating any “rush to test” pressure after updates. As a company, we collaborate with several teams across the Salesforce ecosystem and recently appointed Ivan Harris as Provar’s new Chief Technology Officer to spearhead future partnership opportunities.

The Provar team takes great pride in our partnership with Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform. The platform allows anyone – from any walk of life – to learn in-demand skills, earn resume-worthy credentials, and connect to career opportunities. Recently, University of Provar (UP)’s Educational Content Creator, Paula Americo, created a new test automation module that is now available on Trailhead. She is also in the process of creating two additional modules on testing types and testing in Salesforce.

About the Modules

UP’s three modules are great for professionals of all stages in the quality journey, from those just getting started with testing to those looking to brush up on their skills. The Software Testing Fundamentals module offers users the chance to learn about software testing, why it’s necessary, and when to test. The other two modules, which are still in the approval stage, will cover why testing in Salesforce is necessary, the challenges of testing in Salesforce, and best practices for testing.

The Start of a Lasting Partnership

How did the UP and Trailhead partnership arise? Provar Education Manager, Jenn Torres, and Trailhead Customer Testing Enablement Director, Heather Ouellette, met at Salesforce’s TrailblazerDX event in April 2022. They chatted about the great work the UP team was doing around test automation and the opportunity to publish learning content on Trailhead … and the rest was history.

“A couple years ago, we discussed with Provar a mutual desire for Trailhead content focused on testing. When I met Jenn and learned about the UP team, I knew it was the perfect opportunity, and the time was now right, since Provar was looking to incorporate content on where to begin with testing into their own program. I’m excited we can now provide this foundational information on testing to the Salesforce community.”

Heather Ouellette, Customer Testing Enablement Director, Salesforce

The Process

The UP and Trailhead teams collaborate regularly to brainstorm content ideas and partner on any approvals needed. Step one is discussing topics of interest from both parties and identifying what the modules should cover. Once an outline has been decided on, the UP team works with Trailhead experts to submit content, following guidelines and getting questions answered along the way.

“An incredibly helpful part of the process is having access to the Trailhead staging environment. This gives me a back-end look at the module as we’re building it out to ensure a positive end-user experience.”

Paula Americo, Educational Content Creator, Provar

After the content is approved, the UP team works with Trailhead’s design team to submit any Provar-created videos, if applicable. At this stage, the Trailhead team will also suggest additional learning interactions, like flashcards, to supplement the module. Finally, the Trailhead team creates and shares a few design options for badges. This stage was particularly fun because we held an internal vote among employees to select the favorite! Once the badge is selected, the module is published and users can begin learning.

For UP’s Software Testing Fundamentals module, the first in the series, the metrics were quite impressive. In the first month alone, thousands of Trailblazers engaged with the content, and the module has received a high 4.7 out of 5 rating so far.

Looking Ahead

The UP team looks forward to a bright future creating more modules on Trailhead. They are always looking for new opportunities to create content, collaborate with Salesforce thought leaders, further strengthen the Provar and Salesforce partnership to educate more professionals at every stage of their quality journey. Keep an eye out for Provar’s new Trailhead modules, and follow Provar here on the blog or on social media for future updates.

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