As most teams will tell you, technology is just one piece of the puzzle for maximizing your automated testing tool. Technical functionality like ease of use, scalability, and security are essential to any Salesforce-specific testing tool. But to truly understand how to maximize your testing automation, teams must look beyond the technology and focus on features like support, training, and customer success. 

Provar offers solutions to improve quality and transform Salesforce automated testing for our customers. And while it’s clear we count on our technology to give our customers superior solutions, resilient tests, and great ROI, we understand that our customers need more. 

At Provar, entire teams are dedicated to customer support, training and education, and community resources. This blog detail how Provar’s less technical tools, training, and resources can help you maximize your automated testing — even if you’re not yet using Provar products. 

Customer & Technical Support

Provar provides technical and customer support, empowering customers to maximize their automated testing capabilities. Provar stays current and aligned with Salesforce so our customers can focus on driving business results. Our updates are aligned with Salesforce releases, keeping quality high and preventing disruptions to your users — meaning that your teams typically experience issues less frequently and need support less often.

If your team needs assistance, Provar offers extensive customer support for all of your Salesforce testing needs. The Provar Success Portal allows customers to create an account, raise tickets, download releases, and communicate directly with Provar professionals — quickly and easily, all in one place. Our Customer Success team works hard to help our customers move through challenges quickly, with same-day support, regular check-ins, and hands-on technical assistance that help teams achieve better results and better quality. 

Training & Education

In 2021, Provar launched the University of Provar to give our customers, Salesforce users, and community members a free, interactive platform of courses, certifications, and resources. The content library, nicknamed UP, is designed to educate, empower, and elevate users through continued education and lifelong learning. 

With regular updates, new course content, and a growing user community, the University of Provar empowers learners to upskill at their own pace, helps team leaders to onboard Provar products, and gives users of all experience levels the ability to advance their skills. 

University of Provar offers over 30 courses (and growing!) on debugging, test maturity management, CI/CD, and more. The course catalog allows users to pursue pathways best aligned with their learning and achievement goals. This free resource allows developers, analysts, and citizen testers to improve their skills and maximize their testing experience quickly and efficiently. 

Community Resources & Events

At Provar, we are committed to being a community-led and customer-centric organization. We introduced the Provar Community Forum in 2022 to give users a central location to connect with other Provar customers, access custom APIs and beta programs, join the Provar Product Team, and be first to know about new products, updates, and Provar news.

Provar team members are active in our Salesforce communities worldwide, frequently attending, facilitating, speaking at, and sponsoring conferences, networking opportunities, webinars, and community events. An official Salesforce partner, Provar works directly with Salesforce to develop support for emerging features, participate in pilot programming, and more. 

In addition to Provar’s community forum and events, the Provar blog provides our community with the latest news and events, thought leadership from Provar experts, links to relevant white papers and case studies, event recaps, and other exciting industry updates, news, and information. Additionally, community members can sign up for Provar’s newsletter to keep current with everything happening at Provar, access the newest community resources, and offer feedback on future events, features, and functionality.

Want to learn more about how Provar can help you maximize your automated testing and empower your organization? Schedule a demo with our team to see how Provar can help you achieve your quality goals.