In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, organizations constantly seek ways to optimize their processes and deliver software solutions quickly. Time to value is perhaps the most important consideration when deploying an application. Companies want to make the best of their time to deliver value to their customers quickly – nothing is worse than their competitors beating them to the punch.

Testing their Salesforce org is vital in delivering value for those using Salesforce. Testing for bugs before they become an organization-wide issue is paramount, but risk mitigation isn’t all that test automation solutions tout. A good test automation solution will also help an organization offer exceptional time to value, but be warned. Not all solutions are created equal. 

This blog post will discuss how Provar Automation, a leading test automation solution designed specifically for Salesforce applications, stands out with its intelligent automation capabilities that save valuable time for testers and organizations. We will explore how these capabilities empower teams to achieve rapid time to value and drive efficiency in their testing efforts. We will also explore why Provar Automation is the only test automation solution on the market that hits the target.

Streamlining Test Automation with Provar

Provar Automation is built to enhance productivity and maximize the end user’s value as quickly as possible. Here are its critical, intelligent automation capabilities that result in exceptional time to value.

Low-Code Test Automation

Provar Automation takes a low-code approach to test automation, enabling testers with varying technical backgrounds to build and execute tests without extensive programming knowledge. Its intuitive interface and visual, user-friendly test builder empower testers – even those with limited technical knowledge – to create robust test scenarios quickly and efficiently. By eliminating the time spent on coding and opening up the ability to test to all members of an organization using Salesforce, Provar Automation accelerates the test creation process and reduces the learning curve for new team members. Provar Automation is the only test automation solution designed by Salesforce experts to work precisely like Salesforce does – with minimal coding experience necessary, a user-friendly interface, and point-and-click functionality – making it the obvious choice for companies executing within Salesforce.

Test Accelerators and Pre-built Libraries

Provar Automation offers a comprehensive collection of test accelerators and pre-built libraries tailored specifically for Salesforce applications. These ready-to-use components provide a head start for test creation, significantly reducing the time and effort required to build test cases from scratch. Testers can leverage these accelerators and libraries to quickly create tests that cover a wide range of Salesforce functionalities, resulting in faster test creation and accelerated time to value – two areas a growing company should look for.

Regression Testing Made Easy

Regression testing is vital to software development, ensuring new updates and changes do not introduce unexpected issues. Provar Automation simplifies regression testing by automatically detecting and updating test steps affected by changes in the application. Through its intelligent automation capabilities, which are powered using the information within Salesforce’s metadata to create resilient tests, Provar minimizes the effort required to maintain test scripts, allowing testers to focus on validating new functionalities and reducing the time spent on regression testing. Some test automation solutions boast maintenance capabilities like innovative healing features, which can handle minor changes but require more effort and human interference with more extensive updates. This is not the case with Provar Automation, whose intelligent metadata-driven capabilities take the manual work off your hands.

Seamless Integrations and Continuous Testing

Provar Automation integrates with popular CI/CD tools and test management systems, including Jenkins, Azure DevOps, JIRA, and more. This integration enables organizations to incorporate test automation seamlessly into their DevOps workflows and execute tests continuously. By automating the test execution process and integrating it with other tools in the software development lifecycle, Provar Automation ensures rapid feedback on application quality, reduces manual intervention, and accelerates time to value.

Case Studies Highlighting Time Savings

Provar Automation’s intelligent automation capabilities have been instrumental in helping organizations save time and achieve rapid time to value. All test automation solutions on the market today note time savings as a key feature – because automated testing certainly reduces time spent maintaining tests over manual efforts – but Provar Automation has been proven time and time again to be 6 to 8 times faster than the competition.

Let’s look at some real-world case studies demonstrating the time-saving impact of Provar Automation.

By implementing Provar Automation, one risk management company automated 70% of its regression testing.

One financial company reports that after adding Provar Automation to its toolkit, its QA team saved a considerable amount of time – enabling the team to implement in-sprint automation and expand its existing library of regression tests. When the company relied solely on manual testing, it would take one month to test approximately 400 use cases, and they can now run 4,000 tests quickly.

Among many other benefits, one healthcare nonprofit created over one hundred test scripts using Provar Automation’s intuitive test-building capabilities in less than 8 months, reduced maintenance manpower during sprints from 20 people to 3 (an 85% decrease), and fully implemented Provar Automation in under four weeks, starting from no Salesforce and Provar Automation experience to successfully build out and automatically running tests.


Provar Automation’s intelligent automation capabilities provide a significant advantage regarding time to value for organizations. With its low-code test automation, pre-built libraries, regression testing simplification, seamless integrations, and continuous testing support, Provar Automation empowers teams to achieve rapid time to value. Through these capabilities, testers can focus on critical aspects of testing, reduce manual effort, accelerate test creation and execution, and ultimately deliver high-quality applications to market faster. Provar Automation stands out among the competition regarding time to value, and this alone is enough for companies across the globe to trust it to support their efforts.

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