Here at Provar, we talk a lot about how our solutions support organizations in their testing and quality efforts. Our powerful low-code automated testing and quality management products help teams transform their testing and advance innovation, no matter their level of expertise. 

Our flagship product, Provar Automation, has helped organizations streamline their testing approach and achieve their testing goals since it was launched in 2014. And when we talk to our customers, one organizational goal comes up time and again — increasing their Salesforce ROI. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss how Automation can help organizations increase their Salesforce ROI, re-introduce Provar’s handy ROI calculator, and review how to calculate how Provar’s suite of solutions can help streamline your workflow. 

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Quick Review: What is Provar Automation? 

Built as a Salesforce-native testing solution, Automation allows users to create, execute, and debug test cases simultaneously, inside and outside of Salesforce. It also features interactive test authoring, smart autocomplete to add dynamic test data, reusable and customizable capabilities, and more. The leading solution for automated Salesforce testing since 2014, Automation also integrates with a number of testing tools to support a team’s continuous test automation needs. Automation is part of Provar’s powerful suite of quality solutions, which also includes Provar Manager

Accelerate Delivery

In fast-paced industries like communications or finance, time-to-market is critical to success — and to the bottom line. Reliable, resilient automated testing can help speed up the time-to-market for organizations across industries by shortening the testing cycle and catching bugs and breaks faster. 

Provar Automation allows teams to find and flag issues faster, helping their organizations avoid downtime and breakage. Its intuitive and easy-to-use Test Builder allows users to build test cases quickly, debugging and re-authoring as they build. And Automation can easily be paired with Provar Manager, which allows companies to streamline and manage their quality in an intuitive, user-friendly hub. By shortening test cycles and accelerating delivery, Provar helps organizations maximize their Salesforce investment and increase their ROI. 

Minimize Disruption and Maintenance

For many organizations, minimizing disruptions and maintenance is essential to keeping customer confidence and keeping down costs. While many solutions rely on traditional methods that are susceptible to frequent changes and require extensive maintenance, Automation is different

Automation stays aligned with Salesforce, delivering complete coverage to all areas of Salesforce, as well as external platforms, plugins, applications, and enterprise systems. With an array of intelligent design features — including no-code testing authoring, reusable callable tests, and Salesforce metadata-aware authoring — Automation boasts an array of intelligent design features. With Automation, organizations can fix issues faster, reduce lag times, minimize maintenance, and maximize ROI. 

Cut Testing Effort

Often, teams are too busy or lack the experience needed to efficiently manage their Salesforce testing. Automation helps organizations to reduce their testing efforts by enabling faster test execution, increased coverage, reliable and reusable test scripts, early bug detection, and improved reliability and accuracy. Automation’s intuitive user interface allows organizations to build, execute, and manage their Salesforce testing — cutting testing efforts and increasing their Salesforce ROI. 

Provar ROI Calculator

As we’ve mentioned, Provar Automation helps organizations transform their testing and increase their Salesforce ROI. But you don’t need to take our word for it!

We created the Provar ROI calculator to help potential clients calculate how Provar can help them maximize their Salesforce investment. Users can simply pull up the ROI calculator on their browser or mobile device and answer the four questions based on their organization’s unique needs. Information will be automatically tallied in the right-hand column, including an ROI overview and detail-rich summary.. 


Provar Automation, the only quality solution designed from the ground up for Salesforce, helps organizations streamline their testing, achieve their quality goals, and maximize their Salesforce investment. With its intuitive, end-to-end capabilities, Automation empowers teams to accelerate delivery, minimize disruptions and maintenance, and cut their testing efforts. 

Want to learn more about how Provar’s powerful solutions can help your organization maximize its Salesforce investment? Connect with us today!